On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas touch on a little bit of everything from last night in the NBA. Topics discussed include: the “Flop City” Clips, Barbosa’s instant offense, Andrew Bynum’s ejection, “The Dragon,” Gordon Hayward’s perimeter defense, beautiful Bucks basketball, and Boris Diaw and the ‘Cats agreeing to a contract buyout. All that, plus some viewer questions about Tom Thibodeau’s Coach of the Year repeat chances, and Gil on the Grizz. Enjoy.

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Comments (15)

  1. How can Thibodeau win it two years in a row, and Gregg Popovich not even be considered?

    Manu was out for most of the season, he has a lot of rookies and sophomores to work into the system, and yet the Spurs are second in the West. Give Tony and Tim credit, but Gregg is arguably improving as a coach as Tim gets older. Some love for get-off-my-lawn Pop, please, Tas and J.E..

    • The edge is that the Bulls are top 3 in both defensive and offensive efficiency, along with being the best rebounding team in the league. Not only does he have the Bulls having the best record, but having them as literally the best team all around in the regular season.

  2. i have no idea what tas was talking about when he said ‘i’m not a fan of drawing letters.’ has he never seen a comic book? or an illustration? or an effing movie poster?

  3. You don’t draw/write letters in Pictionary. It defeats the whole purpose of the game.

  4. Showing my boy Dragic some love! Eric Spoelstra looks like he puts semen on his hair

  5. With all the players on the Bucks that Tas named I cannot believe that he overlooked Ilyasova. At least Skeets’ fantasy team is a fantastic reference to him. I just amazed at how he never gets covered. I wrote about just this thing yesterday.


  6. oh. i didn’t realize that guy who drew the picture of trey was playing pictionary.

  7. I think McHale and Adelman should get some recognition for COY given what they’ve done for their franchises and what they’ve had to work with. Thibs is a great, great coach but he didn’t have to coach a new roster with a shortened season. The teams with basically the same rosters as last season had a jump on the rest of the league. McHale has done an amazing job given the trades, non trades and talent he’s working with. Adelman could win it every year but look at Chicago’s record last year and Minnesota’s… Adelman had more of an impact.

  8. booooonie! dead set legend. let us turn towards launceston and pray…

  9. My fave part of the show is listening to Trey burst out laughing from afar when Tas or Skeets say something riddiculous. So happy you guys we’re on the ESPN podcast section a while ago been watching everyday/night ever since!

    • ditto…

      have anyone notice how skeets put emphasis on “bbbbbbut” word? it’s like 6-7 per show…

      keep up with good work guys, I cannot start a day without you, driving to work… which is actually one day in advance here in europe, so I already know the results of your bookoff picks :-)

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