If you were watching last night’s Heat-Suns game — Toasty! — then you saw that part where LeBron James ran in to a Grant Hill screen without really knowing it was coming. LeBron was laid out, a bit woozy and wobbly as he wandered to the Heat bench. Pretty scary play, since you don’t often see 6-foot-8, 250 pounders completely floored by guys they outweigh by 30 pounds.

But LeBron was OK, chilling on the bench for a bit, then finishing the game and telling reporters afterwards that he is “too tough” to have a concussion (sure). And since he’s fine, that means it’s OK for Grant Hill to zing LeBron after knocking him out. So zing away, old man! From the AP:

“I was trying to set a screen,” Hill said. “I don’t think he saw me and ran right into me. The old man got up and the young guy stood on the ground for a while. Luckily, he didn’t get hurt. Luckily, neither one of us got hurt.”

How good must it feel for Grant Hill — 39 years old, tail end of his career, missed a ton of games due to injury — to smack in to LeBron James and be the one who gets up like it’s no big deal? When you’re an old guy who’s missed like a million games and you briefly destroy one of the most impressive physical specimens in the league without getting a scratch yourself, you’ve gotta point that out. That’s like driving your Geo Tracker in to an Escalade and having the Cadillac be the one who explodes.