If you were watching last night’s Heat-Suns game — Toasty! — then you saw that part where LeBron James ran in to a Grant Hill screen without really knowing it was coming. LeBron was laid out, a bit woozy and wobbly as he wandered to the Heat bench. Pretty scary play, since you don’t often see 6-foot-8, 250 pounders completely floored by guys they outweigh by 30 pounds.

But LeBron was OK, chilling on the bench for a bit, then finishing the game and telling reporters afterwards that he is “too tough” to have a concussion (sure). And since he’s fine, that means it’s OK for Grant Hill to zing LeBron after knocking him out. So zing away, old man! From the AP:

“I was trying to set a screen,” Hill said. “I don’t think he saw me and ran right into me. The old man got up and the young guy stood on the ground for a while. Luckily, he didn’t get hurt. Luckily, neither one of us got hurt.”

How good must it feel for Grant Hill — 39 years old, tail end of his career, missed a ton of games due to injury — to smack in to LeBron James and be the one who gets up like it’s no big deal? When you’re an old guy who’s missed like a million games and you briefly destroy one of the most impressive physical specimens in the league without getting a scratch yourself, you’ve gotta point that out. That’s like driving your Geo Tracker in to an Escalade and having the Cadillac be the one who explodes.

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  1. Pretty robust, that Hill fella. LeBron knocked him up in the air, off his feet so wasn’t an easy collision on either one, just LeBron got the worst of it.


    Lebron squirts

  3. Classic Geo Tracker reference. Let’s work in some Prizm puns tomorrow.

  4. Wow and people really believe he can just walk in a be an nfl player??

  5. Thought the zing was going to be Hill calling Lebron the old guy.. based on hairlines of course.

  6. “I’m too tough for [concussions]”

  7. How in the hell does Phoenix’s training staff perform these miracles? With all of the injury troubles that Hill used to have there should be no way that he collides with Lebron and Hill is the one to get right back up. With a hit like that the Orlando-era Hill would have been out for the season but age 39 Hill just shrugs it off.

    Too weird…

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