Ballin: It’s late in the season, so that means it’s time for Goran Dragic to be good again. 16 points and 13 assists in a win over the Lakers last night — VINDICATION FOR JORDAN HILL!!! — which take his March averages all the way up to 13 and 7 per game, basically doubling his pre-All-Star numbers.

Not so much: In 83 combined minutes, the Trail Blazers bench scored nine points and went 2-29 with five turnovers and one assist. Thanks for helping, guys.

Chief Kief: BANG — it’s Markieff Morris all up in your everything.

If I remember correctly — and there is a very, very, very good chance that I don’t because these guys are the most identical twins ever — Markieff was supposed to be the “worse” of the Morris brothers. As an older brother, I’m sure he’s loving having the better season.

Hi: Leandro Barbosa made his Pacers debut last night, scoring 12 points in 18 minutes and adding a fancypants little flip shot in for good measure. All in all, pretty chill way to say hello.

Workin’ on it: If you listened to any of our preseason Overdoses, you surely heard Tas mention that Blake Griffin was working on his 3-point shot. Last night it showed, as Blake made his second three of the season in his 10th attempt.

Miss you: Brandon Roy returned to the Rose Garden for the first time last night. Blazers fans seemed pretty happy to see him.

Seems like they liked this guy or something. Wish they would have mentioned it while he was still playing.

Mike > Mike: The Knicks are now 4-0 under Mike Woodson, with wins of 42, 15, 14 and 19. They must have REALLY hated Mike D’Antoni.

Mel Mel the Abuser: Many, many years ago, there was an awesome ESPN Magazine article about Jamaal Tinsley that primarily focused on his streetball career. A lot of that was about him dribbling the ball through people’s legs.

Apparently Nazr Mohammed never read it.

The most Kobe compliment: Here’s Kobe Bryant to Goran Dragic after last night’s Rockets win, courtesy of Goran Dragic: “He just said, `Good game, I wish you luck.’” It’s like he tried to find out what a human would say to another human, then use that to be nice. Totally nailed it.

Other things: Shout out to Grant Hill and his bright orange Hyperdunks … Also shout out to Wesley Matthews for making a busted play in to an incredible highlight … Pretty great three-hit combo from Beans Bryant last night … And a solid two-hitter from James Harden as well … Josh Howard is probably having knee surgery and will likely be done for the season … Nice to see Andray Blatche is too fat to play. Feels like he accomplished something … Speaking of too fat to play, Boris Diaw is available after a buyout