Are you wondering why Derek Fisher chose No. 37 for his stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder? Are you completely baffled as to why he’d switch to such a strange number when he’s only worn single-digit multiples of two for his entire career?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. It’s weird, but there’s an actual explanation for it. From Daily Thunder:

Fisher further explaining his choice of 37 as a number: “There are a number of reasons why this opportunity presented itself, being able to join the Thunder, [my age] seemed to be a negative thing for so long, especially this season. It was a negative thing I was 37. So I just wanted to send the message that the Thunder organization and I see it as a positive. That I’m still a guy that can help a team be successful and compete for a championship even at the age of 37. I figured since everybody likes to throw my age around in negative conversations, I’d just going ahead put it out there and let everybody know from the beginning, I am 37, but I think I can do some great things to help this team.”

Well that is certainly a reason, even if it does mean he’d have to change his number next year. It makes just as much sense as Ron Artest picking 37 after Michael Jackson died because that’s how long “Thriller” was No. 1 on the charts or Nick Van Exel choosing the number because that’s what pick he was in the draft. If you’re going to wear 37 in the NBA, you apparently have to have a logical but arbitrary reason for it, because people are definitely going to ask.

With that in mind, I’ve created a few more backstories that Derek Fisher can use if anyone asks again.

  • “I went with 37 because that is the year I was born. A.D., of course.”
  • “I’m a huge Jack Smiley fan.”
  • “Three is the magic number and seven is a lucky number, so if you put them together it’s a lucky magic number, duh.”
  • “I recently invested in, a search engine that searches 37 different search engines. It’s like a search engine for search engines. You should check it out.”
  • “37 is the fifth lucky prime and the first irregular prime, so I think the reason is obvious.”
  • “Rubidium has always been my favorite element.”
  • “I just finished reading ‘This Number Speaks.’”
  • “There are 37 holes in the mouthpiece of a telephone.”
  • “I was born the day Richard Nixon, our 37th president, resigned. So it’s kind of a shoutout to him.”
  • “The human body maintains a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and I wanted to prove to people that I’m still a human who can do some great things to help this team.”

Obviously, there are a bunch of great reasons for wearing No. 37. As far as I’m concerned, any NBA player who wants to can borrow one of these reasons to switch their number. I’ll just require a 3.7 percent cut on all future jersey and memorabilia sales, which is hardly anything because no one will want to buy a No. 37 jersey and/or jersey t-shirt. I’m just here to help.