On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss: Ben Gordon’s 45 — WHOA BOY! — JaVale McGee’s game-winning dunk, whether Ramon Sessions should continue to come off the bench for the Lakers, Joe Johnson vs. Kyrie Irving, Derek Fisher’s OKC debut, and the Clippers playoff chances. All that, plus a “Flop City” music video, booty pic problems, and an honest “Wanker of the Week.” Enjoy.

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  1. Lakers management really didn’t inform Fisher he was going to be traded? That’s amazing considering his role in lock out negotiations and impact on the organizations. A few of those championships may not even happen without him and they will probably retire his jersey.

    At least he got to go to OKC though so maybe this playoffs he will get to exact some payback.

  2. I’m not sure the Lakers put up Fisher’s jersey. The retired numbers are reserved for Hall of Famers.

  3. whoa whoa whoa! a little warning would be appreciated for the sudden big ass booty pic! lol i was in class watching!

  4. Live a little, boys.

  5. Fisher is a HOF. So is Horry. 12 rings between them come on. Every championship team needs a crucial role player capable of hitting the big shots.

  6. *the Spurs retired Bruce Bowen’s jersey and look at his numbers. It is your contribution to the franchise, not necessarily your talent level

    • Different teams have different standards for retiring numbers though. It generally reflects the success-level of the franchise.
      The Lakers have had such good fortune in their time in the league that they tend to have many players who would have their numbers enshrined by most teams. Unfortunately, that isn’t always enough to guarantee them a spot in the Staples Center rafters,

  7. …you guys seem to always nail your one-liners at the start and end of the show, respectively. ALWAYS love them. you’re like the quentin tarantinos of basketball.

    btw I love imagining skeets and tas trying to come up with silly things to say as part of their daily routine, like, as a serious part of their work^^ awesome job.

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