At age 37, Jerry Stackhouse hasn’t had a very memorable season. He’s dunked a few times, he was a late addition to the Shooting Stars competition and that’s about it. He didn’t even change his jersey number to prove how old he is. It’s been a pretty boring go of things for Ol’ JerBear.

Until last night. From the AP:

From there until halftime, it was all Hawks, with an unlikely spark from the far end of the bench—37-year-old Jerry Stackhouse.

Barely used most of the season, he came in with 3:46 left in the period and the Hawks still down 48-40. Stackhouse connected on a couple of 3-pointers, sandwiched around a dunk that showed he still has a little bounce in those old legs. He trotted off the court at halftime breathing heavily but savoring chants of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”

Once, many moons ago, the world was Jerry Stackhouse’s oyster and he had it in the palm of his hand. Points for days, All-Star appearances, college All-American honors, an All-Rookie team, the “Next Michael Jordan” tag and a March 1996 Rookie of the Month trophy — Jerry Stackhouse had it all. Those were the days.

Now, it’s the smaller things that bring Jerry joy — singing the national anthem, shooting halfcourt shots at everyone’s least favorite All-Star weekend event and an only sort-of ironic chant of his name. That’s what makes him happy now. That’s what makes us all happy now. Well, that and re-watching Jerry’s 360 from the 2000 dunk contest.

I guess Lloyd Christmas was right. Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. Good to know that’s still true in today’s day and age.