You guys know the Darko Milicic story — No. 2 pick, total bust, huge contracts, frosted tips, bandaged ear piercings — all that nonsense. It seems like forever ago and that we’ve finally moved on to a place where we don’t have to talk about that because Darko can be a useful role player, a solid post defender who can hold down the center position for minutes at a time while not totally destroying your offense. It’s not quite manna from heaven, but it’s better than breaking a hand while taking a jumper in garbage time of an NBA Finals championship game.

Except never mind all that. Darko is still the worst, at least according to Rick Adelman, who has benched Milicic the last two games and hasn’t played him more than eight minutes since March 7. From the AP:

With Pekovic out, Minnesota went with a smaller lineup, starting Love at center. Before the game, Minnesota coach Rick Adelman was blunt in his assessment of the team’s other likely option, starting Darko Milicic at center.

“He hasn’t done anything to give you faith that he’s going to go out and do the job,” Adelman said before the game. “He’s gotten himself out of shape, and I don’t think he’s been as driven as you’d like.”

Between having no faith in him as a player, questioning his commitment to getting better and slamming his conditioning, this is just about the worst player assessment you could ever come across. Even Chris Webber is like, “That’s harsh, bro.”

Other than that though, it seems like Rick Adelman is a huge Darko fan.

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  1. he still has one more ring than LBJ

    • And Ammo has two more rings! Sick burn, bro! They’re both better than LeBron James. What idiots down there in Miami. I mean, they were two games away from winning a championship in their first year. Hahahaha what failures. Because LBJ chokes in the 4th quarter! Because he doesn’t want to win, he doesn’t have THE LOOK!

      • you have been trolled dear sir

        • Only on the Internet can someone dare proclaim “haha I posted something stupid and then someone responded to my stupid post! I am a victorious troll!” See how that doesn’t work?

  2. So glad sarcasm isn’t dead yet in Canada because it’s on its last legs here in the States….

  3. sacramento kings 01-02 champs.

  4. The story of Darko’s career. By all reports he thinks the whole thing is a saloon (or is that salon, Skeets?) passage. Have a mediocre career in Europe, Darko, because this is your second-last NBA season.

  5. No one likes Darko. Why would you though!?

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