Ballin: Ben Gordon, you guys. 45 points and 9-9 on threes, plus eight assists and two steals. A real vintage Ben Gordon game, which is why you’ll probably think of him as wearing No. 7 during this game, even though he was had on No. 8. Still weird to see him in a new number.

Not so much: After taking an 8-point lead in to halftime, the Raptors allowed more points in the fourth quarter of their game against the Bulls than they scored in the entire second half. Excellent camouflage jerseys though.

Hi there: Derek Fisher is all up in Oklahoma City, loving your standing ovations.

Outside of Lakers fans, there’s probably no fan base who would more appreciate a guy like Derek Fisher than Thunder fans. Cool for him.

Mike Detective: With last night’s victory over the 76ers, the Knicks move to 5-0 under Mike Woodson’s goatee. Between this and Linsanity, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Knicks are sitting pretty, but in reality they’re still under .500 and are fighting to hold on to the eighth seed. “Too much drama.” — Mary J. Blige

Going long: On a night where he hit a few huge shots, I might like this Joe Johnson pass even more.

In related news, Joe Johnson has been traded to the New York Jets for two second-round draft picks and half of the $5 million bonus he was owed.

Bombs away: Golden State Warriors fans might miss Monta Ellis, but if Klay Thompson keeps scoring 27 points on 24 shots then the transition should be pretty easy.

Watch your ankles: Here’s Bruce Bowen’s jersey retirement, which somehow didn’t result in a stadium full of fans booing the team’s owner.

I couldn’t figure out why Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker were in street clothes until I realized this happened after the game, which seems like a bold move. Can’t imagine fans or players would have wanted to stick around if the Spurs had lost. Luckily they won, so crisis averted. Would have hated to see another jersey retirement ruined.

Whut: I don’t know how Kobe Bryant did this but he deeeeeed it.

Other things: Cool matching outfits, Michael Redd and Josh Childress … Walker D. Russell, Jr. (???) really thought Ben Gordon’s last shot was going down … No idea why the 76ers didn’t foul down three after their last possession, but it sure was weird … Ben Gordon’s 45-point, 0-rebound performance puts him in a category with Kobe, Damon Stoudamire and Jerry Stackhouse … Through three quarters, John Lucas and Kyle Korver combined for zero points. They finished the game with 23 between them … Congratulations to Jason Richardson for being held scoreless for only the fifth time in his career