Just so you guys are prepared, I want you to know that the following quote from Roy Hibbert contains two great things in a single statement. The greatness quotient of this quote is just off the charts. You’re going to love it and then you’re going to think about how Roy Hibbert is one of the lesser known funny guys in the league. It’s going to be wonderful, but I just wanted you to know what you’re getting yourself in to.

Here we go. From the AP:

“We call Darren `The Wizard’—he just magically appears sometimes,” Hibbert said. “I’m running down the court—like a fellow player that used to play here—and then the next thing I know we have the ball back.”

Yes. Perfect. Not only did a fairly nondescript player get a great nickname, Roy Hibbert also dished out a quality, self-deprecating JaVale McGee zing. As far as QER (quote efficiency rating) goes, this is off the charts. At the very least, it means that even NBA players recognize how hilarious JaVale McGee’s shenanigans are. That’s groundbreaking stuff, you guys. They’re with us on this, and that’s just a great feeling.

And hey, “The Wizard” is a pretty decent nickname for Darren Collison. He’s one of those guys who kind of gets lost in the shuffle, since he’s not dominant or terrible and he plays on an above-average team in a smaller market. Sure, it would probably be better to come up with a wholly original nickname — maybe something like “The Magus” or “Thaumaturge” or “The Necromancer” — but Walt Williams isn’t using it, so why not reappropriate “The Wizard” for the time being. Works for me, at least until we come up with something a little better but still magical.

So yeah, great quote from Roy Hibbert. I’m sure you all enjoyed it just as much as I did, so I’m glad we could share this experience together. Have a blessed day.