Ballin: No mind-blowing nights from yesterday evening, but Al Jefferson went for 26 points, seven rebounds and a game-winning tip, so that’s good enough for me.

Not so much: Randy Foye had more shots blocked (2) than shots go in (1). That’s your Clippers’ sixth man.

“Tip Drill” featuring St. Lunatics: And here’s that Al Jefferson game-winning tip I won’t shut up about.

If Devin Harris was still at Wisconsin, they wouldn’t have botched that last possession. Good things happen when you go to the basket.

7-foot-10: If you’re wondering why people love Paul George so much — despite the fact he’s basically the same player as last year, only with a better 3-point shooting percentage — then just watch the clip of him making John Wall dribble and dribble and dribble until he accidentally ran out the clock. Excellent defense on the switch.

Bright: Speaking of Pauly George, his shoes were great.

Those are the Nike Foamposite Ones in an “Electrolime” colorway. You can cop yours for the low, low price of $375 on the resale market.

Classic Jackson: Here’s Mark Jackson on winning games — “To win games, we have to be the hardest working team on the floor every single night.” It also helps to play good players, not tank for draft picks and have at least one guy finish with a positive plus-minus.

Smooth move: What are you doing, Jason Smith?

The only thing I can figure is that this is some kind of strange, misguided Jeff Foster tribute. Because with that haircut and that move, this is VERY Jeff Foster.

Whoops: Aren’t the Blazers supposed to be tanking for draft picks? They’re 2-2 under Kaleb Canales, which is totally against the plan. Get it together by letting it fall apart.

Other things: DeMarcus Cousins is a GIF machineKyrylo Fesenko is a Pacer, which is great for blogs and maybe OK for the Pacers … If anyone has video of Ekpe Udoh catching a Mike Dunleavy pass in the face, I wouldn’t mind checking that out … Gilbert Arenas returned last night, scoring two points and recording three assists in 11 minutes … Also, video of Mickael Pietrus chucking his wristband in the crowd like he’s a pitcher would be pretty chill

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  1. I hope this incident gets the Clips a little pumped and they stop stinking up the place.

    • “The beautiful model who has a two-year-old daughter Valentina with former NBA star Marko
      Jaric has already a two year old daughter Valentina.”


  2. Ppl are really overreacting to the Smith Hit on Blake, Blake Flops again if he would have taken the hit like a man he would have stayed upright and maybe lost balance and fallen into the crowd softly, seriously was not that bad.

    • The way his head whiplashed it didn’t look that harmless. Griffin was gathering for a dunk, your whole body stiffens with the last step and the hit was pretty much like a head on colision. He is just a strong dude, I imagine an inferior athlete taking such a hit. I’m sick of people thinking that just because he is muscular, they can act in such disrespectful fashion.

      • seriously, are you suggesting he’s too strong to take that hit? i could take that hit. he flops.

        • I’m suggesting that other players think that they can hit him all the time, since you know – he’s strong and all that. Absolute BS. Thats not basketball, it’s not an aggresive foul, or a strong box out. This play has nothing to do with basketball. And Smith trying to hype the crowd – even more BS-y. The crowd responding was just wack. Wanker of the week should go to the Hornets’ fans for applauding such a play.

          And you would probably break your neck. Being with only one foot down gathering for a dunk AND not expecting the hit you’re not that stable. Simple physics.

  3. Would the NBA be better if there way more fouls like the Jason Smith one …. Yep….

    Oh and has vinny del negro been got rid of yet this… Story is getting boring.

  4. you really don’t like jeff foster, do you Trey?

  5. Another case of FL…FL….FL….FLOP CITY!!

  6. There was no attempt on the ball whatsoever. He deserved every bit of that ejection, and it shouldn’t have taken nearly that long to come to that conclusion.

    New Orleans fans shouldn’t have cheered it. Jason Smith should have been decked by a Clipper as soon as he started inciting the crowd. Caron woulda done it. Tough Juice has a name to live up to.

    Signed, an impartial Mavericks fan.

    • Yeah, that’s the part I hate the most – the fans cheering and Jason Smith waving around. Ugly. This is not a hard foul, it is not a foul at all. It’s a bodycheck.

  7. Jason Smith looked like an idiot trying to get the crowd pumped after an ugly play like that. I believe Blake complains too much and sometimes flops, but this looked legit. The good news is he wasn’t seriously hurt and once this blows over he still gets to be Blake Griffin and Jason Smith has to go back to being a nobody on a bad team.

    • yeah, smith looked foolish but OF COURSE Blake could shake it off – that’s the definition of a flop. starting to become a Mozgof fan.

  8. That wasnt a flagrent foul ..if he was in the AIR yes but comeon man up ..these kids a soft these days …quick someone call bosh

  9. You guys are morons… The Clips may be Flop City, but that wasn’t a flop by Blake. He had no idea the hit was even coming. And by the reaction of Smith, it’s obvious that he intended to send him to the ground.

    What, he’s big and strong so he can’t possibly be knocked over? That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard. So are football players flopping around all the time then? Blake shouldn’t be knocked over by some 5’5″ 14 year old kid, but another big athlete is totally capable of knocking him down.

    You try running and then have someone roughly the same size and weight as you charge right into you and we’ll see if you can keep yourself from crashing to the ground.

  10. Jason Smith need to remember that he plays for the New Orleans Hornets, not the New Orleans Saints…


  11. Weather this was a flop or not, Blake stayed on the ground for that extra dramatic effect. BUT he CAN get right back up, with his build and his strength and size. He can shrug that off. I don’t hate either one of those players. I just think Blake acted to give that extra effect to send Jason Smith out of the game — which is a good move by the way.

    A bit *sshollish though, waving to the crowd and getting them involved and the crowd responding back. That’s not basketball. Basketball is when you sink a jumpshot in front of your opponent cleanly and tell him “IN YO FACE”. Just like the 90s. Jordan/Hakeem/The rest of em Era..

    Anyone agree?

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