Ballin: No mind-blowing nights from yesterday evening, but Al Jefferson went for 26 points, seven rebounds and a game-winning tip, so that’s good enough for me.

Not so much: Randy Foye had more shots blocked (2) than shots go in (1). That’s your Clippers’ sixth man.

“Tip Drill” featuring St. Lunatics: And here’s that Al Jefferson game-winning tip I won’t shut up about.

If Devin Harris was still at Wisconsin, they wouldn’t have botched that last possession. Good things happen when you go to the basket.

7-foot-10: If you’re wondering why people love Paul George so much — despite the fact he’s basically the same player as last year, only with a better 3-point shooting percentage — then just watch the clip of him making John Wall dribble and dribble and dribble until he accidentally ran out the clock. Excellent defense on the switch.

Bright: Speaking of Pauly George, his shoes were great.

Those are the Nike Foamposite Ones in an “Electrolime” colorway. You can cop yours for the low, low price of $375 on the resale market.

Classic Jackson: Here’s Mark Jackson on winning games — “To win games, we have to be the hardest working team on the floor every single night.” It also helps to play good players, not tank for draft picks and have at least one guy finish with a positive plus-minus.

Smooth move: What are you doing, Jason Smith?

The only thing I can figure is that this is some kind of strange, misguided Jeff Foster tribute. Because with that haircut and that move, this is VERY Jeff Foster.

Whoops: Aren’t the Blazers supposed to be tanking for draft picks? They’re 2-2 under Kaleb Canales, which is totally against the plan. Get it together by letting it fall apart.

Other things: DeMarcus Cousins is a GIF machineKyrylo Fesenko is a Pacer, which is great for blogs and maybe OK for the Pacers … If anyone has video of Ekpe Udoh catching a Mike Dunleavy pass in the face, I wouldn’t mind checking that out … Gilbert Arenas returned last night, scoring two points and recording three assists in 11 minutes … Also, video of Mickael Pietrus chucking his wristband in the crowd like he’s a pitcher would be pretty chill