On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas list their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: Kevin Durant dimes and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Pop’s new Spurs, Joe Johnson’s conditioning, and the resilient Suns. On the shit list: the Nuggets’ pathetic defense, Mike Brown, and that tank-tastic ending to the Warriors-Kings game on Saturday night. All that, plus Trey’s “Now-er Rankings,” bachelor parties, another Kevin Love 30-20 game, and hotel fire alarms.

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Comments (17)

  1. You SUCK, Vimeo!

  2. Kevin Love definitely earned it, I wish they could have pulled off the upset in OKC, they were up five in the first overtime, but then the refs were not giving them any breaks when it came to in the paint. Still hoping they can go on a run and sneak into the playoffs

  3. Bright side for D-Wade: 0% usage rate also means no turnovers! Clutch.

  4. What’s with the scary disembodied hand on the Kevin Love whoaboy card?

  5. Driving down to OKC from Kansas City next Monday for the Grizz game. Not sure if I should go with my TBJ shirt or buy a D. Fish one.

    • If you wear the TBJ shirt (and take a photo), you are guaranteed a posting on our Facebook page. Sweet deal.

      • Well not sure if I’d look so man pretty in my stained sneaker tee but if my new black one shows up by then it’s on. Does Matty have any tips for stain removal?

  6. Kevin Love’s Whoa Boy is even more impressive considering he has 4 black phantom fingers stuck to his arm.

  7. Question: when players like LeBron or Wade sit and the team does well, the rest of the players on the team get the credit, no? So how come when Rose sits, it’s not the players or Rose’s backup that gets the credit? The Bulls have a deep team (yes, in part due to the way Thibodeau has performed as the coach), but Rose was not the MVP last season to me and he’s still overrated this season. Why doesn’t anybody shift some of the credit from Thibodeau and Rose for the team’s success when everybody’s healthy to Noah, Deng, Watson, Lucas III, etc?

  8. Hey what’s the song in the transition?

  9. Good god is anything more frightening than that picture of Jeremy Piven?

  10. Tas, where did you find the stats on Paul’s 4th quarter usage rate? Please advise. Thank you.

  11. That’s Leigh Ellis in the picture second from the right, right?

  12. Definitely one of the better pun-days. Fake tints had me laughin

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