Ever since Kevin Garnett came to the Boston Celtics, he’s gotten a reputation as a big meanie — the kind of guy who will bark in your face or punch you in the nuts while you shoot a three. He’d been doing those sort of things in Minnesota, of course, but the spotlight shines brighter in Beantown. Maybe it’s because he’s getting older and seems to be using scariness as a replacement for basketball skill, but it just feels like KG is totally unfriendly now that he’s a Celtic.

But that’s not true. Tas made him smile once and he’s made at least one new friend in the past week. Plus, he’s giving out advice like it’s no big deal. From the Boston Globe:

Said Garnett, “I told [Ryan Hollins] to be careful about [copying] my intensity, it could get him kicked out the league. I love his intensity. The kid plays really, really hard. I spent some time with him this summer.

“I don’t make a lot of friends and I can say I made one now. I like the way the kid approaches the game. He wants to be more than good. You see it in his face, you see it in his work ethic, I’m a big fan of his. I’m glad he’s here.’’

You see, Kevin Garnett isn’t the worst guy on Earth. He likes some people, as long as they’re on his team, do not play point guard and are not European. If you fit in to those three criteria, you’re good.

And seriously, that’s some great advice from Garnett. If Ryan Hollins were to act all KG all the time, people would hate it. Garnett gets away with it because he’s one of the best players ever. No offense to Ryan Hollins, but I don’t think we’re going to be telling our kids about how the Celtics acquired him and he completely changed their team and led them to a title. Just a hunch.

We shouldn’t be too surprised about this though. We all remember the KG-Charlie Villanueva drama, but you probably don’t remember Ryan Hollins and Villanueva beefing last year. Obviously, Garnett remembers this vividly and fighting Charlie Villanueva is what they bonded over. There’s that old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and that’s never been more true than here.