Just last week, DeMarcus Cousins offered to “solve” Devin Harris’ “issue,” whatever that may be. If you don’t speak Cuzish, them’s fightin’ words. Thanks to an in-game staredown, the Jazz and the Kings were at each other’s throats. Fun for a night, but usually the kind of thing that dies down immediately.

But not this time, friends. This isn’t going anywhere. We’ve got a legit feud on our hands, thanks to Earl Watson, who is taking things to the next level. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

If Cousins tries to start anything March 30 when Utah hosts Sacramento, Watson said he’ll be ready.

“The DeMarcus kid: I don’t know,” Watson said. “We’re in the playoff hunt. I’m not sure what his purpose is. I know what our purpose is.”

And from the Desert News:

“I’ve never seen (Cousins) do that with a guy his size. Have you?” Watson said. “That says a lot.” [...]

“I didn’t see him hit (Derrick) Favors. I didn’t see him hit (Enes) Kanter,” Watson said. “But every time he plays Devin, he wants to bump Devin. I mean, wow. Unbelievable, unbelievable. I don’t what to say. I’m speechless.” [...]

Watson wouldn’t mind if he’s the next little guy Cousins tries to bump around.

“I hope I am,” the 6-1, 199-pounder said. “You can quote that.”

Just to clarify — a huge guy wanted to fight a little guy because the little guy kept annoying him, but now a smaller guy is saying he’s going to fight the huge guy because he’s tired of him picking on little guys. It’s an incredibly hilarious start to a promising feud. Two young teams with talent, the ability to grow and a deep-seated hatred for one another, plus they play in the same conference and could battle over who wore the worse purple jerseys during the late-90s.

As long as these two teams hang on to all these testy players, things could really escalate over the next few years. Sure, that’s going to be tough with the always-on-the-block Devin Harris as one of the main characters, but I think it’s worth it to both of these teams to keep these guys around and fight things out. Having a rival can drive you to some incredibly high heights. Just ask the Knicks and Heat, who parlayed their dislike for one another in to contender status in the 1990s.

I’m not saying the same thing will happen for the Jazz and Kings, but the seeds of a revolution rivalry must be planted somewhere. If said seed happens to be DeMarcus Cousins fighting Devin Harris and Earl Watson at the same time — a pretty fair fight, I think — then so be it. The two teams play each other Friday. This could be the start of some mutually beneficial destruction.

(via I Am a GM)