Ballin: Kevin Love — who put up 30 points and 21 rebounds yesterday — now has as many career 30-20 games (7) as the entrire Timberwolves franchise combined. Guess the other two guys and I’ll have the answer for you down below.

Not so much: Six months ago, everyone in Portland wanted Jamal Crawford to be a Trail Blazer. Now he’s made seven of his last 34 shots — including 1-10 shooting in the Blazers’ win over the Warriors — so be careful what you wish for.

Deep impact: This is a far shot.

It’s pretty funny to me that Dwyane Wade has made nine threes this entire season and that is one of them. Might as well keep shooting from there.

Spotted: At the 8:48 mark of last night’s Suns-Cavaliers game, the score was Marcin Gortat 10, Cleveland 0. Throw that out and the Cavs only lost by 15.

Too much: I’m sorry guys, but this just looks ridiculous.

There should not be as many overtimes as regulation quarters. It just looks silly. I mean, eight guys played more than a whole game’s worth of basketball and that is just insane.

Additionally: Also insane is having Al Jefferson guard Joe Johnson on a game-tying possession.

Yep, pretty much what you’d expect to happen.

Weird night: Not only was Tim Duncan given a “DND — Old” for last night’s game, he also got a technical while sitting on the bench.

Uh-oh: Kobe Bryant was benched for about four minutes last night, but he says “If you guys are looking for a story, I’m not going to contribute to it,” so I’m sure this will totally blow over and no one will bring it up again.

Other things: Mickael Pietrus has a concussion after that hard fall from last week. There’s currently no timetable for his return … The two other Timberwolves with 30-20 games are Kevin Garnett and Al Jefferson … Someone please hook me up with vijoe of Scott Brooks’ ball-handling skillz from last night’s game … Jeremy Lin’s lawyers are mad about the Linsanity weed for some reason … A Baron Davis-Jose Calderon fight would be hilarious