Kyle Korver’s legendary photo will always be the industry thought leader of bad defense pictures, but this is still pretty good. I’d put it up there with Chris Bosh helping Rajon Rondo dunk on him and the second Korver photo as far as the pantheon goes, but we all have our opinions.

Of course, when you consider this photo was taken on the same night Drew horribly airballed two wide-open jumpers, that might help it climb up the rankings. But that’s all dependent on how you feel about cross-pollinating offense and defense when ranking things. Your call on that one.

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  1. It kinda looks like he’s dancing down there….

    • “Let me see you bounce right to left and let your shoulder lean
      Let your shoulder lean, just let your shoulder lean
      Ay, get it right, two step and let your shoulder lean, let your shoulder lean
      Just let your shoulder lean”

  2. Well I can see how Gooden’s picture is LIKEABOSH, however in my eyes both rank no where near Korver’s. Period.
    Also you could make a case that the might actually do harm to their opponents if they actually played D and took the risk of a foul with the possibility that the other one could end up getting hurt – both Rondo and Anthony are superhigh in the air and might end up falling akwardly. We all know this is one of Chris’s biggest concerns… where as Kyle.
    So let’s just say, that Drew – and Chris for that matter – enter the entrance hall of the Kyle Korver Hall of Fame, okay?

  3. Is there a picute of Kyle Korver doing that as a Bull? Hope not…

  4. The “Giggly Defense” will always be the pinnacle of awkward NBA defense frozen in time, but this “Cha Cha Slide Defense” is pretty solid too. Strong showing by Gooden.

  5. Best caption ever. Will that defensive stance be known as The Korver from now on?

  6. priceless ;) ;) ;)

  7. Kyle Korver hall of fame? You surely meant Mike Dunleavy Hall of Fame.

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