On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss Amar’e Stoudemire’s bulging disc, ‘Melo at the four-spot, Tyson Chandler’s defense, the Atlantic Division race, Darren Collison’s big game, Leandro Barbosa, an unconcerned Chris Bosh, Earl “Motherfucking” Boykins, and Stan Van Gundy’s thoughts on free pizza. All that, plus a new round of Crossfire (NBA injuries, “The Association,” tanking) and a whole lot about eggs.

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Comments (23)

  1. What diet are the guys doing that involves eggs? Also I think Skeets is going to regret it if he doesn’t get in once he’s 190 soaking wet and you guys are knocking on the door of 250lbs 6% body fat.

  2. One egg is like 25 percent of your daily saturated fat, guys. Just found this out yesterday. Stick to egg whites.

  3. Worst thing about Amare is all that money he’s making, for a long long time. Knicks will be Knicks i guess.

  4. The Suns actually give out tacos if we hold a team under 99 or the Suns score 99.

  5. No dairy? Hope that does not the end of greek yoghurt humour.

  6. Tas, on yesterday’s show, where did you find the stats on Paul’s 4th quarter usage rate? Please advise. Thank you.

  7. When have you become a knicks hater, tas?
    So outrebounding your opponent isnt a good thing anymore? Both teams shot really bad but the bucks will be the one will be better next time? Lin was definetily missed in this game and will probably be playing in the game in Milwaukee and you pick the bucks to wind that game?
    That team looked nothing like a PO team to me.

    Also the knicks won the last 2 games against indiana and i cant see them win a PO round. They fold under pressure and lack a real leader.

    And no, i am not a total Knicks-homer. They will have trouble making the playoffs, especially without amare but the bucks dont scare me one bit.

    • Thanks for the comment. They’re gonna miss Jeffries / Amar’e and combined with the strength of schedule, I think the Bucks overtake them. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if NY gets in there – they’ve been playing well and have the talent to do it. Just going with the flow of these teams, and although NY has been somewhat impressive lately, I don’t think they keep it up.

  8. What is that PO deadline mentioned after 18:50? When was that exactly?

    • I believe deadline was last Fri

      • That deadline was for players under contract to be bought out so they can later go elswhere and still be in the PO. So what is this?
        Eg. if this is real that mean Patty Mills can’t play in the PO? Or is this BS?

        • EtM is correct – deadline was last Friday, but they were talking before then. The holdup was Patty dealing with some passport issues. It’s unclear whether or not he’s playoff eligible.

          • Thanks for the answer but that deadline was this (according to NBA.com):
            March 23 — Waiver deadline for Playoff eligibility
            I don’t think it has anything to do with player’s who where on no other NBA rosters this year. So Earl, Patty or anybody else who comes until the playoffs will still be PO eligible.

  9. Pietrus is a goober. If Association picked ORL, camera would be on Dwight 24/7. By peanut, do you mean Amare’s bulging dick? Damn you bitches be eating too much huevos.

  10. The only obvious answer is for the Association to follow the Washington Wizards this year.

  11. @ heat slump: the problem is not the current slump, it’s that the heat are a team that looks unbeateale for a lengthy stretch and then WILL SLUMP for like 5 games every 30 games or so, and there’s nothing they can do about that. it was the same last year, and it cost them the title (thank god). other teams have those too, of course, but for the heat it’s like a migrane: you can see it coming but there’s nothing to do about it.
    mark my words guys^^

    seriously though, it will happen again, count on it. even if it’s the playoffs, the heat WILL have a stretch where they just can’t get their shit together – the question is: against whom, and for how long…

  12. #EarlMFBoykins…seriously.

    I completely agree, Tas, that you would think some club would have scooped him up. Dude can BALL. If he were 14″ taller, he’d be a Hall of Famer, no lie. Energy, grit, handles, toughness, clutchness, and a sweet shot. There’s only so much he can do with his size, but on a contender team in the offseason I’d bet he’d out-JJ-Barea JJ Barea. It’s too bad they can’t use him in the playoffs.

  13. I really need to know where the origin of “having a Ronny Turiaf” is from! I laugh every time on the way Skeets says it and must know its roots.

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