There’s no reason to lie to you and act like I have any idea what is going on here, but I’ll just say that I think this dude’s appearance on some variety show is the very definition of #Linsanity. Mostly because you will feel like a crazy person if you can make it through the entire four and a half minutes, but also because of puns.

(via With Leather)

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  1. Guys you need those “funny” sound fx on every TBJ show. And the haircuts would also be nice, what about some of the dance moves. This is 2k12 TBJ has to show something new!

  2. You’re better off not understanding what they’re saying or what’s going on. Trust me it’s a lot less cringe inducing that way.

  3. thank goodness for those subtitles…

  4. after he misses the shot at the beginning he says in chinese “the reason the shot didn’t go in is because Anthony came back”

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