Ballin: 33 points, eight assists, a steal and 15-24 shooting for Monta Ellis. Plus, you didn’t have to stay up super late to enjoy the show. Good stuff all around.

Not so much: Kevin Love went 10-22 last night, which was the best shooting percentage (45ish) among Timberwolves starters. The other four starter bros went 15-45. Not good stuff all around.

Friendly fire: Watch your face, Joe Johnson, because Zaza Pachulia’s elbow is coming right for it.

Now JoeJohn knows what it’s like to play for any team that isn’t the Hawks. Sometimes you have to breathe a mile in a man’s nose to really understand what he’s all about.

Bad news: Brad Miller missed a 3-pointer last night, bringing his shooting percentage to a still league-leading 50 percent on the year.

Multitasking: It’s kind of hard to tell here, but this is Steve Nash throwing a no-look pass while complaining to a referee.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool. But if you want to impress me, shoot it.

Pics or it didn’t happen: Trail Blazers guard Nolan Smith was the ring bearer at Thunder coach Scott Brooks’ wedding.

Big ups: 30 points, 18 rebounds, five assists, two steals a block and 14-26 shooting for Josh Smith. Pretty chill.

Double back: If going behind-the-back once is awesome, what do you call it when you do it twice?

Seriously. What do you call it? This needs a name.

Relevant baseball content: Magic Johnson is part of a group that just bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2.15 billion. That’s a lot of money, so I’m excited to see what kind of changes Magic makes. If his previous business endeavors are any indication, I look forward to rooting for Magic Johnson’s Los Angeles Dodgers this upcoming season.

Other things: LeBron James might have dislocated his left ring finger, so make some jokes about that … Hey, Gregg Popovich was just being honest about that whole “DND – OLD” thing … Why didn’t anyone tell Luol Deng he is this one guy’s favorite player? … If you’ve seen Danny Green’s legs, please let him know … Boobs Gibson is probably done for the season, so adjust your fantasy rosters accordingly