You guys, I think LeBron nailed it. Great song choice, great last name integration, great costume, totally went for it on the performance, top notch cocaine jokes, solid drop the mic and walk off the stage ending — definite TBJ stamp of approval right here. Clutch outing from Bron-Bron, for sure.

Pat Riley on the other hand…

I have literally no good reason for thinking this, but I would have guessed that Pat Riley would actually be pretty good at karaoke. Maybe it’s just because I assume a guy with his aesthetic could totally kill some Sinatra or Dino, but he just looks like the kind of guy who sings one song at a get together and brings the house down.

Then again, Riley is an athlete at heart, which means he sings like an athlete. That trumps slicked-back hair any day, especially if you don’t sell things with your performance.

Advantage: LeBron. It’s a player’s league.