One of the strangest ongoing storylines of this NBA season is Andray Blatche’s continually developing relationship with being booed. It’s not strange at all that he’d be booed — he has been very Andray Blatche this year — just that he can’t quite figure out how he feels about it. Is he OK with it since it actually kind of helps him? Or is he frustrated because he keeps getting booed and can’t do anything to get the fans to stop booing because their booing makes him terrible? He’s said both things but can’t quite seem to really understand how he feels about being constantly heckled.

Lucky for him, his mom broke things down for him, explaining why he’s getting booed and how he can make it stop. From the Washington Post:

“She said, ‘They’re booing you because they know the potential that you have, the type of player that you can be,’” Blatche said. “She feels like I’m not doing everything I can do to be that player and I need to work harder and stay more focused. She said it’s no one’s fault but my own. It hurt a little, but sometimes you need the truth.” [...]

“She just told me, ‘Just remember what got you where you at. Go back to being a humble kid and loving person you was. All the hard work you put in when you was in high school to get to the league, become that person again,’” Blatche said. “That’s why I be in the gym so late. When I was younger I played basketball every minute I get, every chance I got. That’s why I be in the gym so late now.”

Sometimes you just need some tough love. Sometimes it helps to just have your mom tell you, “Hey, you’re not doing what you can to make this better. Step your game up.” Of course, you could easily argue that it’s too late in the season for this to matter and that it’s troubling that Andray Blatche would need his mom to motivate him to work out — both of which are fine arguments that I think are pretty true but maybe you should just relax and enjoy this tender family moment you jerk, geez — but at least it sounds like he cares about trying hard, even if it does require some outside stimulus.

Then again, this isn’t the first time that Andray Blatche is rededicating himself to basketball. That’s kind of his thing once the season ends, saying he’s going to try extra super hard to be better, only to return to Blatche form after a month. Maybe a change of scenery would help, but Blatche is a Wizard for another three years (barring being an amnesty casualty) and no one wants to trade for him. That’s a recipe for a lot more boos next season. And the season after that. And the season after that.

So if he really wants things to change, the only solution is that he should have his mom move in with him, have her tell him what he’s doing wrong every night, then shame him in to working out and being nice to people. Not only would he be getting the constructive criticism he so obviously needs, he’ll also get delicious homemade meals and someone to get the crumbs out of his goatee. I can’t see anything wrong with this plan.

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  1. As a long-suffering Warriors fan, I can say there is nothing worse than talented players who just wash out and never realize potential. I hope he gets it together.

  2. It’s always the same story from the athletes that never panned out. It’s hard out here, and there are a lot of distractions, I have no one to blame but myself, this offseason I’m going to rededicate myself to the game I love. Most of those things are, or may be true, but why does it always have to come to that. How do you ever stop giving 100% when you’re doing what you love every day at the highest level, the NBA.

  3. Learn to speak a language correctly and I’ll actually consider you as a serious human being. Is it not cool to speak properly?

    • Relax, Grandpa.

      I know Blatche says something similar at the beginning of every season but I really do hope that he manages to get himself together.

      He seems like a guy who would benefit from a change of scenery but no GM is going to be insane enough to take a chance on him considering how things have gone from him so far.

  4. i think it’s because his mom drafted him this year in fantasy like me. I took him in the 3rd round

  5. Wow, I totally expected the article to go a different direction like, “They’re booing you because they jealous” or some garbage like that.

    Good for mom to tell it like it is…

  6. I agree, I thought the article was going a different direction. I think that he could be a talented player if he would not let the fans get to him. But from the fans’ perspective, if they keep booing him, he will give up the ball and they will keep winning lol. He needs to regain confidence with his fans before he will be able to succeed again in the NBA.

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