On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss ‘Melo’s best game in a long time, Novak’s three-point stroke, Tyson’s D on disinterested Dwight, Kevin Garnett’s high-post offense, the race for the Atlantic Division crown, Chris Paul pickin’ up the pace, and Balke Griffin nearly Mozgov’n Channing Frye. All that, plus Tas’ “Wanker of the Week,” a “Whoa Boy” living legend, and TBJ porn star names.

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Comments (12)

  1. What’s the song in the transition?

  2. @Tas Naaaah, in France the official name for someone who cleans the floor is “surface technician”… Thanks PC !

  3. Steve Novak is the Intercontinental Champion, King of the jobbers and mid-card heels, he just unloads that Sweet Swish Music and gets the 3 count. Now if he could work in Razor Ramon’s toothpick when he checks in his character will be complete.

  4. just wondering but why is philadalphia in the 4th spot when indiana and atlanta have the better record?

  5. Not even the heavy use of Phtotoshop filters can hide Reggie Millers ears.

  6. You guys are the experts…what the hell is Kevin Love doing? Is this possible or is he simply a video game character?

  7. i can’t find your email anywhere so I’m asking my questions here:

    Why don’t you make your daily show 1 hour per day and the Friday show 2 hours? What do you do all day?


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