There have been a lot of sweet pictures from Chris Bosh’s 28th birthday party, but this one really takes the cake. I don’t want to sugar-coat things, but this is really a tasty combination. Anytime you have the panache and ganache to perfectly match coat to cake, it’s wise to mix that batter.

Impossible to know for sure, but I’d bet a custom cake that that’s red velvet. (On the cake, not on Chris Bosh.) And speaking of overrated cake flavors, “Red Velvet” is what I’m calling Chris from now on. I feel like he’d be OK with that, since it sounds like a name he’d come up with for a Funny or Die sketch.

(via Got ‘Em Coach)

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  1. Red Velvet is 100% the perfect nick name for bosh. It describes his silky smooth jumper, crumbly defense, and sweet, dark chocolate eyes.

  2. Bosh looks like he’s 57 in this picture.

  3. The Big 3 band picture is the greatest thing ever

    dare I read into LeBron taking the background drums spot, Wade taking the frontman guitar and Bosh taking the cello?

  4. so right on red velvet being overrated.

  5. I’m not sure I understand.

  6. It is official.

    Swag is dead.

  7. this guy could put up Kevin Love numbers but he’s the biggest emo in the league

  8. nice photos!! Here’s a video I found of the party on DJ Irie’s Youtube page. Looked crazy!

  9. You know who’s underrated? Boz Scaggs.

  10. Props for the Panache/Ganache line!

  11. Red Velvet (cake) is overrated? Thems fightin’ words!

  12. all its missing the dinosaur head.

  13. I feel like panache and ganache are brothers from another mother in the word world.

  14. Celtics have the toughest remaining schedule of opponents ranked by teams win percentage. From your atypical annoying celtics fan…Anything’s posssiblllllllllleeeeeeee!!!

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