Ballin: 40 points and 19 rebounds for Kevin Love, who also made four threes and handed out four assists. He’s averaging 31 points and 14 rebounds in March (15 games), which is a single game stat line that has only been done 13 times this season by players who are not Kevin Love. I don’t even know how he is this good, but I assume it must be the beard.

Not so much: Dwight Howard took seven shots and grabbed five rebounds against the Knicks, which is the same shots and less rebounds (7) than Baron Davis, who played fewer minutes in last night’s matchup.

Banquet: Grab your angular guitar lines and dreadlocks because Gordon Hayward is throwing a bloc party.

I love the look on his face after the first block, where Hayward realizes he’s going to have to block another shot at the rim but that’s, like, the most annoying thing in the world. “Uuuugggggghhhhhhhh, fine I’ll block ANOTHER shot, I GUESS.”

Pass-first: Last night, Steve Nash became the only player in NBA history who is not John Stockton to record a game with a single point and 15 assists, while also becoming the only NBA player to lose a game in which he has a single point and 15 assists.

Circus: Here is a high-percentage field goal attempt from Omri Casspi.

Unfortunately for the Cavs, he called bank so the shot didn’t count.

Up-downs: Following last night’s loss to the Raptors, the Nuggets haven’t won back-to-back games since a four-game win streak that ended March 5. Before that, it was a two-gamer that ended Valentine’s Day.

Smart trade: Pre-trade deadline, the New Jersey Nets won exactly 40 percent of their games. Post-trade deadline, they’ve won 41 percent of their games and will likely lose their lottery pick in a stacked draft. Genius.

Worst: DeShawn Stevenson, the least chill bro in the league, is Mr. Flops-o-beat of the night.

This guy.

Dunzo: Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut, Trevor Ariza, Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman and Emeka Okafor all sat out last night’s Warriors-Hornets game with various injuries. Great news for Marco Belinelli fans though.

Other things: The Denver Nuggets’ pregame ritual is incredible … More like the Charlotte Dadcats … Don’t let Glen Davis eat your pizza, unless you want to dance … Huge dunks from Blake Griffin and JaVale McGee like it’s the 2011 Dunk Contest all over again … Your guide to all the shoes in “White Men Can’t Jump”

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  1. Is it just me, or is Gordan Hayward slowly turning into Andrei Kirilenko 2.0???

    • He’s better then Kirilenko :)

    • That is exactly what I kept thinking the entire time I was watching the Jazz game. He just seems to have mirrored his game after AK47′s. I can’t see anyone else from his draft class who is more likely to contribute a 5×5 than Hayward.

    • i agree… but he cant be bother to play that way.. he does what he wants!

  2. Gordon Hayward is the first 11 year old to play in the nba

  3. Regarding flops, we as fans and the offending floppers need to be called out as GIANT PUSSIES for rolling around on the floor for 2 minutes as if shot after little or no contact. I would include Blake Griffin on the flagrant foul call, as he was NOT airborne, except that I was watching the Pietrus injury, and his head also did not hit the floor but did result in serious brain trauma from whiplash so I give the benfit of the doubt. Even so, I am so sick of NBA players wallowing and writhing around on the floor after minor or no injury has occurred. I propose a new rule that if you are on the floor long enough for play to be held up, you mandatorily sit out the rest of the quarter or a specified finite amount of game time. That might curtail the problem. Protect our sport from becoming the next World Cup Soccer!!!

    I will also address the elephant in the room and say that if you could isolate each of these incidents where a player is writhing around on the floor for an inordinate amount of time relative to the injury; 95% of the time that player is African-American. I realize this finding is skewed because 80% or more of the league is African -American, but come on!!! Have some pride, NBA and college ballers! Man up, get up off the floor and STOP BEING A PUSS!!!!
    Although I’m sure this sounds racially motivated, that’s not my concern. I want this crap cleaned up so we don’t have to stop the game every 5 minutes for a fake injury like soccer.

  4. You sho have a strange definition of “dunk”….

  5. That was a great dunk by JaVale McGee.

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