Just two quick things from this slickity little video bet:

  • It’s kind of unfair that Jameer Nelson gets Rock-and-Jock All-Star Bill Bellamy, while Jason Terry has asthmatic Jadakiss as a teammate.
  • I don’t know why I never realized Jameer Nelson looks like a smaller version of Anthony Anderson, but I do now.

The Mavericks and Magic play for the first time Friday, so make sure you tune in to see what Jason Terry’s legs actually look like. No headband isn’t unheard of, but no tall socks is going to be VERY weird. Hopefully his legs don’t pull a Declaration of Independence and deteriorate when they finally touch fresh air.

(via Mavs Moneyball)

Comments (2)

  1. I didn’t realise Jameer was funny.

    “How much can you sweat when all you do is shoot threes?”

  2. JET ended up only going headband and sock-less for the first half of the game on Friday. He had a terrible half. Then he came out in the third with his usual gear and had 10 fourth quarter points and the Mavs came back from down double digits to win by one shot.

    Did Terry welch on his bet? Is Jameer super mad that his team lost because Terry didn’t allow himself to continue being out of sorts/uncomfortable and playing badly (for as much as the two can be related, if only in Terry’s mind)?

    I need an update!

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