Ballin: Hard to find anything wrong with Russell Westbrook’s 36 points, six assists, two steals and one turnover line. But I will say that it’s kind of funny that the only three he made (out of four) was the running buzzer-beater. Wouldn’t want to make it too easy.

Not so much: Jason Terry went 1-10 and had as many points as turnovers (3). Probably not the kind of game you want to have the night before you have to abandon your special socks because you lost a bet to Jameer Nelson. Cool gold championship shoes though.

Welcome back: Derek Fisher made his triumphant return to the Staples Center last night and it seems like the Los Angeles faithful were sort of happy to see him.

Now this is the kind of guy who should get a video tribute.

Speaking of: Here’s Derek Fisher’s video tribute.

Solid video tribute for a very tribute-worthy player. But can I just say that it’s kind of weird to me that the video doesn’t show the ball actually going in on his famed shots against the Spurs, Magic and Celtics. Did the Lakers need to save seconds of tape that badly that they couldn’t show the ball going through the net? Interesting editorial decision.

Salty: Randy Wittman after being asked about the Kentucky Wildcats being able to beat the Wizards — “Never heard of them.”

Revenge: After losing last year’s Finals, the Miami Heat swept their season series with the Dallas Mavericks. This, of course, means absolutely nothing.

Backpack back: Hello backpack, my old friend.

Missed you, Kevin Durant’s backpack. Missed you so much.

Child’s play: Nolan Smith missed last night’s Trail Blazers-Hornets game with an ear infection because he is a 6-year-old who stayed up too late.

Al so hard: LaMarcus Aldridge went for 25 and 12 with five assists, Luke Babbitt made four of six threes for a career-high 16 points and the Trail Blazers beat the Hornets. That is literally everything you need to know about that game.

Other things: Here’s how Uwe Blab’s career ended … Looking for video of A.J. Price messing with Tyler Hansbrough on the Pacers bench last night … Do you guys like my new Stephon Marbury tattoo? … NBA players dress differently now than they used to, duh … Looks like Aaron Brooks is just going to sit out the season