Video: ‘BOOM!’

I still prefer Joakim Noah’s wacky finger gunz celebration to Russell Westbrook’s angry interpretation. That being said, when you throw in an easy-to-spot “BOOM!,” even an avowed laughophile like myself can admit that we’ve just seen greatness.

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  1. Russel Westbrook looks like Bodie from The Wire

  2. He just says it so loudly. It’s awesome. Anytime you can clearly pick up someone talking trash on the TV broadcast it means that they’re doing it right.

    Also, I’m loving the finger guns renaissance that we have been seeing recently. It’s inexplicable but so much fun to see.

  3. It’s alright as long as the ‘boom’ isn’t the guns being fired à la double-Plax

  4. I think Westbrook looks like the robot suit in “Star Kid”

    Every time I see him it reminds me of that movie.

  5. Westbrook may be the better player but no doubt Joakim Noah is the better celebrator.

  6. That in-and-out dribble destroys kobe, sick, wicked and nasty

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