A list of old-timey NBA illnesses

Here is a list of archaic diseases currently spreading among NBA locker rooms.

  • Jason Dysenterry
  • DeSagana Diopsy
  • Jason Kapolio
  • Measles, Mumps and Jrubella Holiday
  • Jamalaria Crawford
  • Creutzfeld-Lacob disease
  • Carmelo Fever
  • George Karlera
  • Typhoid Chandler
  • Gerald Gangrene
  • Jeff Gangrene
  • Willie Gangrene
  • J.E. Gleet
  • Grippe Hamilton
  • Sacramento King’s Evil
  • Rodrigue Beaubonic Plague
  • Travis Goutlaw
  • Quinsy Pondexter
  • Thabo Scrofulosha
  • Brian Scalat Fever
  • Brandon and Kareem Thrush

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Comments (73)

  1. Rich Cholera?

    No. No. Nevermind.

  2. Pau Gastroenstinol

  3. I’m currently suffering from a bad case of Steve Rash.

  4. Kenyon Shartin?

  5. Dengue fever seemed like a slam dunk.

  6. Roddy Beaubonic Plague

  7. Luis Scholera
    Jeremy Linfluenza
    Nene Halaria
    TrAIDS Kerby (sorry)

  8. Peperosy Sanchez

    I got nothin’

  9. Andiarrhea Bargnani

  10. Lebronchitis James?

  11. Grant Ill …. ……..

  12. Yakhouba Diabetes
    E’Twaun Morgellons
    John Salmonella

  13. Plight Howard

    Brian Scabiesbrine

  14. Trayo Clinic Kerby (points for the embedded ay-o)

  15. My pun gun just broke.

  16. The Canswer – Iverson

  17. Jruematoid Arthritis
    Javale McGoitre
    Rickets Rubio
    Ricky Rubella
    Speedy Claxmydia
    Colitis Williamson
    OJ Mayocardial Infarction

  18. Gustomach Achon

  19. Rajon Chrondomalacia.
    Wally Szczerbiacne
    Leukemia Harangody
    Luther Headache

  20. (it’s not a) Nicholas Batumor!

  21. Jose Calderonary Disease
    Andrea Bargngitis
    Jodie Reeks
    Pape SyPhilis
    Jason Hart Attack
    Kris Herpes
    Jeff Athletes Foot
    Botul-Ism’ail Muhammad

  22. Sarunas Tuberculosis

  23. Omer Asik Reflux
    Earl-y Onset Alzheimer Boykins

  24. Delonte West Nile Fever
    Charlotte BobCat Scratch Fever

  25. Michael Beasles
    Jeff Fatigue

  26. Brian Cardiac Arrest

  27. Tim DunCancer
    Lamar Odimentia
    Paul Pierced Lung
    Ripped Hamilton
    Torn Kukoc

  28. JJ Diarrhea
    Diarrheake Evans

  29. Nick Young
    Chris Bosh

  30. James Neverending Hardon

  31. remember when you were a kid on a long drive and you had to poop?

    Vince Car Turd

  32. I remember when Chris Jackson caught Mahmoud Abdul-Ra-hoof-and-mouth.

    Ron Artesticular torsion.

  33. Mettastatis World Peace
    Jeremy Lymphoma
    Amar’e Stoudamyleofibrosis
    Derrick Rosacea
    Autism Daye
    Wayne Swellington
    Kenneth Fareiver
    Kyle Korneal Abrasion

  34. Samuel Dalumbar spinal stenosis

  35. Gregg Polyp-vich
    Metta World Hunger
    Raja Bell’s Palsy
    Lou Gehrig’s Disease Williams
    Tremor Azira
    Al-Farouq Autism

  36. Bismackular degeneration Biyombo

  37. Ian Mahinmeasles

  38. Greivis Vascular Disease

  39. stephen jackson.

  40. Also, Norris Cold.

  41. Marcus Clamm(b)y.

    • Omri Raspy.
      Carlos stuffed boogers.
      Derrick (anal?, i mean he is aging.) Fissure. [fisher]

  42. No one had Larry Bird Flu? Shocked.

  43. Jeriatric Baylessitis

  44. How about Carmelonoma?

  45. Metta World Alopeacea

  46. Broken legler
    Anorexia Chapman
    Kiddney Stones

  47. Magic Johnson AIDS
    Kelenna Azubukkake

  48. You guys love your Bob Ducca, don’t you?

  49. Mad (Pape) Sow Disease!

  50. Marcuscular Dystroph-camby
    Mono Ginobilli
    En-Rajon-ed bowls
    Grant (Bonner) Pill
    …Criminally Linsane!!!

  51. Most of the illnesses listed here are caused by viruses. More are about gangrene. Be careful of your footsies players. They are precious and should be taken cared of most of the time. In general, take good care of you health. It is your asset in the first place.

  52. Luc – en – Moute Disease
    Darrell Arthritis
    Leon Polyp
    Hasheem Thyroidism
    Measle Westbrook
    JJ Gonorrhea
    Dysmenorrhea Azubuike
    Eric Bledsore eyes
    Greg Schizophrenia

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