I know what you are thinking — “Didn’t Michael Jordan wear Nike his entire career? And didn’t he start playing in the NBA less than 30 years ago?” The answer to both of those questions, wise reader, is yes. He was a Nike man and his NBA debut was a mere 28 years ago. You’re very smart.

Here’s the thing though. Prior to joining forces with Nike to literally change the face of professional sports for all eternity, Jordan was just a 19-year-old college kid named Mike who wore Converse and hit national championship winning jumpers. That first clutch moment was 30 years ago. Since then, Mike Jordan became Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player ever and Nike bought Converse. That’s how we’re getting these fantastic Michael Jordan 30th anniversary Converse Pro Leather Mid LTDs and the celebratory memorabilia pack they’re a part of.

The shoes are an updated reproduction of the kicks Jordan was wearing when he won the 1982 national championship with a game-winning jumper. The shoe has been decked out in all manner of Carolina and Jordan nostalgia. You’ve got “30 years of 23″ on the tongue, gold lace tips and the North Carolina practice shorts logo — which Jordan wore underneath his uniform for the entirety of his professional career — on the sockliner. It’s like they took a nice shoe and made it great, then had Michael Jordan sign it to make it even better. Included in the pack is a signed UNC jersey and a wooden box. That’s for burying this as treasure, I think.

All that’s great, but here’s the bad part. There are only 30 of these packs made and only 23 of them are being auctioned. That means you’re paying A LOT of money to get your hands on one of these. And while that might be totally frustrating, it’s not all bad as 100 percent of the proceeds are going to the James R. Jordan Foundation, who help provide education opportunities for children in underserved communities. So even though it’s a bummer you’re probably not going to buy these for less than $3,000, at least you know that’s $3,000 well spent.

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