As you probably know, Jeremy Lin is (likely) out for the season, thanks to surgery on an injured left knee. Sucks for the Knicks, though there’s a good chance this latest bout of adversity is just what they needed to go on a surprising winning streak. Whether it be a new point guard or a coach resigning midseason, whenever something challenging happens for the Knicks, they do really well. So maybe this is a positive? Probably not, but that’s not the point.

The point is that we all just found out about Jeremy Lin’s likely season-ending injury. No big deal, right? He’s injured, he’s out, who cares?

Well, you probably would if you just bought playoff tickets thinking you’re going to see some #Linsanity in the postseason, only to find out your tattoo inspiration won’t be making an appearance. And you’d definitely be mad if you found out the Knicks knew that Lin would be missing the playoffs before the ticket sales deadline to buy tickets for those very same playoffs, which would be a very dastardly move.

From the New York Daily News:

The Knicks were eventually going to get around to revealing the troubling results of Jeremy Lin’s MRI but certainly not before last Wednesday.

That was a crucial day inside the club’s executive offices at Two Penn Plaza because March 28 represented the deadline for season- ticket holders to purchase all four rounds of the playoffs.

In fact, in the email sent to subscribers, there is a picture of Lin leaping in celebration. Yet, it was two days before the deadline when Lin and the Knicks’ medical staff learned that the second-year point guard/cash cow was suffering from a torn meniscus in his left knee and that he wouldn’t be jumping for joy anytime soon.

So basically, the theory goes that Knicks knew Jeremy Lin wouldn’t be around for the playoffs, but held on to that information until potential season ticket buyers were done buying tickets that were pitched to them with pictures of Jeremy Lin. Awesome.

Now, it’s probably true that the people who send out the marketing emails for the Knicks have no interaction with the team doctors, so that’s kind of just irrelevant detail that makes things sound even worse. But still, it does seem dubious that the Knicks knew about the injury and neglected to mention it until they sold some more tickets. It’s just as likely a coincidence and the Knicks were waiting to make the right decision, but it is pretty convenient that not announcing the end of Jeremy Lin’s season can make the Knicks some more money.

So for all you Mel Gibsons out there, enjoy this conspiracy theory. For the rest of you, remember it’s not being paranoid if they’re really after you.