Ep. 791: Old Dogs

On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: Kevin Durant’s improving MVP chances, Rondo and the Celtics on national TV, Elton Brand’s season-high 25, and those Sunday night Golden State Warriors. On the shit list: Jeremy Lin’s knee, the Bulls for not picking up Coach Thibodeau’s option yet, and Ryan Anderson’s ankles (and pride). All that, plus Trey’s “Now-er Rankings,” a new Book-Off month, and “Game of Thrones.”

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  1. Bulls fan here……1st round match-up against the Knicks (as dysfunctional as they are), and then possibly the Celtics in the 2nd round scares me.

    The Celtics could end up getting the 3rd seed if the Magic sit Dwight a couple more games or keep losing. I would LOVE to see Celtics and Heat in the 2nd round.

  2. Game of Thrones mediocre?

    What the hell Skeets?

  3. Whoa Boy snub of the day…. Rondo…

  4. Even I as a Twolves fan have to admit that the dream of them making the playoffs died last night in Portland. I’m not mad at them though, they are dealing with a lot. Rubio’s injury hurt but also losing Nikola Pekovic for a majority of the games down the stretch, plus J.J Barea can’t stay healthy. They just do not have enough back up talent to deal with all that. Love is good but he can’t do it all

  5. Always enjoy the podcast. Thanks guys!

    Anyway, the analysis of an individual game, or short string of games, and then constructing a narrative representing those games is great. The problem I see in the MVP race– aside from it being a terribly flawed award– is that I dislike when journalists try to take that analysis of a few games and apply it to the entire season. LBJ’s early season tear will not be as well recognized as the Thunder’s most recent run. I think it’s silly that a single head-to-head game would garner so much attention as when the Heat took on the Thunder, nor would I weigh the Celtics Heat game any more than any other individual game over the season.

    Defense is also rarely weighted properly in these votes, and stats outside of the box score don’t see much action. Dwight’s statistically superior season, the best paint defender in the league, carrying a much worse team last year lost to the more media-friendly story of Rose’s Bulls. LBJ plays some of the best defense in the league, Durant doesn’t. LBJ leads Durant in win shares, is a much superior passer to Durant, and the rest of their offensive stats are nearly identical.

    Every year I feel there’s this draw to find a different, alternative story in the MVP race. The media finds one– this years’s is Durant– and the echo chamber runs with it. I wouldn’t accuse anybody on TBJ as being part of that echo chamber, and unique space in NBA coverage is why I come here and don’t go to other media outlets. Yet, I can’t help feel Durant is in this discussion in order to create a discussion. KD is having a great season, but the MVP award can only recognize one player. If we recognize it as celebrating the player having the best season, it’s clear to me that LBJ is having the better overall season and if KD wins the MVP, it’ll only be because it’s the better story.

    • Huh…. It may be the 1st time I cross paths with someone who taught Dwight should have won it last year and LBJ should win it hands down this year (especially with Wade having a so-so season by his standards).

      I agree with everything you said, for the record.
      Except maybe the fact that no matter how much you want, you will remember some events more than others (more coverage, more recent, particularly positive or negative event). You can vowe not to, but it’s damn near impossible.

    • Maybe there should be an “Offensive Player Of The Year” award, that may help balance the MVP votes a little more to defense.

      Or maybe we should start caring about the scoring leaders as much as we did in the 80s and 90s…

  6. How about a shout out to Paul George or Greg Munroe (the first name squad) for most improved player.

  7. Rondo had one of his “magic johnson” nights he really deserved some whoa boy credit guys!
    Completely agree with your disappointment with game of thrones and mad men, but it’s just the first episode so we can’t be too mad that they didn’t show any war scenes or really anything interesting. still two of the best shows out there.

  8. After visiting your site I suddenly have an urge to get me some car insurance. Do all underground podcasters strive for fame and fortune?!

  9. Man I can’t wait to listen to this one tonight and hear about how good the Cs are looking right now. Can’t help but remember a couple years ago when everyone (including you guys) said the Cs were done and then they made a run (not that I think that’ll happen again).

    Totally agree with the above post about MVP. It’s such a joke and all about story. Last year it should have been LeBron or Dwight and it should be LeBron this year and probably most years going forward. The “bad teammates” argument is garbage and doesn’t tell you value. Would you trade Rose straight up for LBJ, Durant, or Dwight? Nope. So, how is he more valuable than them? Also, those “bad teammates” on the Bulls are 15-5 without him.

  10. What if Love doesn’t get any first place votes for MVP, but ends up winning it, because he gets ALL the second place votes?? Mind = blown!

  11. Do you have the link to the JR gif? It is awesome, and I don’t have it myself so was hoping you’d post it.

  12. What’s up with the YouTube updates? Vimeo is ok, but you can’t skip ahead (if your internet cuts out and you need to get back to your spot) or change the quality if you have slow internet. The Youtube channel is still 2 episodes behind…
    Keep up the good work, love the show.

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