Ballin: Yesterday’s Celtics-Heat game was a nationally televised broadcast, so Rajon Rondo had a triple-double (16 points, 11 rebounds, 14 assists). You might not think that correlation equals causation, but this is pretty causation-y.

Not so much: Single game plus-minus is pretty meaningless, but LeBron James’ minus-30 for that same game looks bad, especially in a 19-point loss.

Boom, again: Russell Westbrooks likes booms but sometimes he likes his booms to come from inside the building.

I can’t tell if it’s just because he’s not the most athletic guy in the NBA or because Westbrook surprised him by jumping so early, but Omer Asik basically had a negative vertical on that “block attempt.”

No man in the middle: With yesterday’s loss, the Magic moved to 591-615 all-time when Dwight Howard isn’t in the lineup. They are 3-5 with Howard on the bench since he joined the team.

Sit down: Get out of here, Dwyane Wade.

If you’re wondering, the play-by-play data credits Avery Bradley with a block, then Shane Battier with an offensive rebound and a three. I was really hoping either Bradley or Wade’s flailing accidental tip would have got an assist.

Karma police: I don’t believe that there are actually curses or basketball gods that control everything in the NBA, but if there were, they would surely smile upon the Raptors playing the Heat close on Friday and then beating the also-terrible Wizards yesterday, all while they’re supposed to be tanking. They’re doing it right.

Glasswork: In their overtime period against Houston, the Pacers outrebounded the Rockets 9-0.

Long: Here is a very far alley-oop conversion.

Kevin Durant is ninth in the NBA in dunks this season, averaging almost a dunk and a half a game. He’s tall.

My bad: Nicolas Batum made a layup at the buzzer last night, turning a 13-point victory in to a 15-point victory. Afterwards, he felt bad about it, telling reporters, “No really, sorry.” It reads sarcastic, but he’s French so he’s being sincere.

Literal anklebreaker: “Anderson, Ryan? Come with me. The doctor is ready for you.” — a nurse

Sad part is, Ty Lawson wasn’t even really making a move when this happened. He was kind of just pulling the ball back out to reset the offense and then ouchies. Anderson is day-to-day for the ankle and out 4-6 weeks with a severe case of humiliation.

Other things: Monty Williams after Robin Lopez’s 10-point, three rebound outing — “He really `beasted’ us.” … Michael Jordan totally doesn’t want to sell the Bobcats, like for real … Jeremy Lin is pretty much done for the season. It was fun while it lasted … A little info on all the Bulls’ injured guards … Just because you probably haven’t watched it recently, here’s J.R. Smith messing with a reporter