It’s rare that a perfect internet basketball video comes along, but the people at Pinwheel Babbitt Empire have done it. Just a perfect combination of player, song, highlights, captioning and chalupas.

Two thumbs up for this internet basketball video!

(via Sophia Biabia)

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  1. It’s all about the hair. I play better with a crop cut, too.

  2. I pretty much want ‘dancing’ Babbitts in the corners of all YouTube videos

  3. He’s Employee #8 too. Love this kid. That sequence at 2:00 where he saves the ball and then comes down the other end and spots up for the deep set shot is about the whitest fast break ever.

  4. Babbit Rankings

    1. Luke
    2. Raymond
    3. Upton Sinclair’s novel
    4. Bruce

  5. Best part is the “Defence” callout

  6. There’s nothing bad about this.

    I suppose it could’ve used another chalupa or two, but ok.

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