On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss a lil’ NCAA action (Anthony Davis’ unibrow, Marquis Teague, and shooting in the vast Superdome) before breaking down the Grizzlies’ statement/sandwich win, the Clippers rout of the Mavs, and Drew Gooden’s game/ducktail. All that, plus a new round of Crossfire, which includes Jeremy Lin’s “Most Improved Player” chances, some bad teams’ bright futures, and the NBA’s Undertaker.

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  1. Woody Paige said on Around the Horn that it was really difficult to shoot in the Superdome. He then said he shot there with the Nuggets in the 70s or something, I didn’t pay that close of attention. If I’m going to watch idiots yell at each other, they better be Canadian!

  2. Tas, Combine sweatshirt with suspenders please.

  3. I don’t get why the Jazz and Nuggets get so much more publicity than the Rockets.

    Especially with all the adversity and the fact that Dragic is amazing.

  4. Suggestion for trivia question:

    Which active NBA player has the most Finals MVP’s?

    hint: not KB

  5. I can see Kobe trying to kill someone.

  6. Tim Duncan has to be the Undertaker. Big guy, been around for a while, doesn’t say much. and has a patented move that you know is coming but can’t stop it (Chokeslam, Bank Shot)

  7. Undertaker is a superstar my friend …and Kobe is NBA’s Undertaker

  8. Bonus for Kobe: the Undertake also wore a protective mask for some time, as Kobe did earlier this year.

    Or, since Kobe tried to be like MJ, he can be the Million Dollar Man’s fake Undertaker (‘Underfaker’) to Jordan’s Real Deal.

    I, uh, had to research that.

  9. Nice Game of Thrones reference, skeets.

  10. Did any of you notice that Anthony Davis looks like the evil baby that Maggie feuds with on the Simpsons?

    • My thoughts exactly, the evil Irish baby. Hey guys, if TBJ is Around the Horn, is Trey Kerby Kevin Blackistone?

  11. Again, I need that sweater Tas!
    5-by-5 (5×5) is easier to say than 5-5-5-5-5. Courtesy of Kirilenko of course. Teague bro looks older cuz he’s darker. Def gonna be watching NBATV today

  12. Tim Duncan is too nice a guy to be the Undertaker. KG on another hand….

  13. What channel and time are you on The Jump? I am on the Bell network…maybe I dont get NBATV, not sure. Btw, watched a clip of you on the Jump from Orlando. Brent Barry loves you guys!!!

  14. Kevin Garnett is definitely the undertaker

  15. Regarding Steph Marbury in China — “They should have GAVE him the MVP.” should have “GAVE” … Really?

  16. I can’t believe how wrong Tas was in the Undertaker discussion. No idea.

  17. I think that Kurt Thomas has to be the NBA’s Undertaker. I don’t even think I have to explain further.

  18. lol @ Carlos Boozer only yelling “and1″. so true

  19. I finally listened to this and I gotta say, Undertaker is Duncan.
    I haven’t watched WWF in years but he was most definitely a superstar. People like Tas will underrate him just as people who don’t watch ball would dismiss Duncan as one of the greats, but the proof is the pudding (i think)

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