Ballin: 31 points on 14-20 shooting, plus 11 rebounds, for Paul Millsap, who really doesn’t want the Jazz to miss the playoffs. Fine by me.

Not so much: The Thunder and Bulls lost on the same night for just the second time all season, with this loss also marking the first time this year that the Bulls have lost consecutive games. It’s all downhill from here.

The reason: And if you’re wondering, here’s the backbreaker that iced the Bullies.

Plays like this could make you think Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver aren’t very good defenders.

Teamwork: Monta Ellis scored 10 points in the first quarter of last night’s Bucks-Wizards game, which was followed by Brandon Jennings’ 17-point third quarter and Shaun Livingston’s 10-point fourth. I don’t know why they couldn’t find a point guard who once played basketball in California to score in double-digits for the second quarter but that might be something to look in to.

Crunch: Nick Collison is more well known for setting screens and taking charges, but he is still 6-foot-10 and athletic enough to play in the NBA.

Not bad, Nick Collison. Not bad at all. But here’s a question for you — how many dunks would you guess Nick Collison has this season? I’ll tell you down below, but feel free to take a stab.

Villa Nova: Randy Foye made more threes (8) than the entire Dallas Mavericks team (5). He also made more field goals (10) than every non-Dirk Mavericks starter combined (8). Other than that, the Mavericks did a pretty good job of containing him.

Suuuuuuuuuup: Either Jeremy Lin just had surgery or he spent the night at Damon Stoudamire’s house.

This guy. Always sleeping on other people’s furniture.

The internet: In the second quarter of the Grizzlies-Thunder game, Quincy Pondexter got a technical foul for saying “Ball don’t lie” after a missed free throw.

Other things: Tom Thibodeau thinks Derrick Rose will be back before the playoffs, which is good because NBA basketball is hard enough to get used to if you’re not the No. 1 seed playing for a championship … Kevin Love thinks Kevin Durant is this year’s MVP because Kevins always look out for each other … Stephon Marbury isn’t interested in coming back to the Knicks, which is OK because the Knicks are not interested in bringing back Stephon Marbury … Luke Ridnour rolled an ankle last night as the curse of the Timberwolves point guard continues … Nick Collison has 24 dunks this season