On one hand, fake rap is often Bad News Bears, so you can sort of understand why the Thunder brass would be upset about one of their employees ripping off a Wu-Tang Clan song while wearing a bunch of Thunder gear.

On the other hand, this is a fireable offense? I am not a big fan of fake rap, but yikesaroni. Chill, Thunder. Let your fans make rap songs about you if they want, since all they’re trying to do is say how much they love the team.

But on the other other hand, here is the YouTube description of this video:

I wanted to make a Thunder video with my buddy Lunchmeat, but he works for them and wasn’t sure he could… So we did it anyways.

Looks like the answer to that age-old conundrum is NOPE. Kinda sounds like “Lunchmeat” knew he wasn’t supposed to make fake rap videos but did anyways. Maybe should have worn the mask the whole time and not broadcast that he was a Thunder employee and then he could have got away with this diabolical plan.

In conclusion, I think we can all agree on two things. First, the Thunder should maybe relax because I can actually (sadly) see “Thunder Your Butts Off” becoming a thing. There are certainly cross-promotional opportunities there, like t-shirts or whatever. Second, fake rap is a dangerous thing. No matter how much you love Wu-Tang, there’s always a strong chance something will go wrong. You’ve been warned.

(via Welcome to Loud City)