On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss Deron Williams’ “I didn’t ask to be here” comments, Danny Granger and the Pacers huge fourth quarter rally, Lou Amundson’s offensive hustle, iso-’Melo ball, LeBron’s bowling technique, and Doug Collins odd decision to sit Evan Turner when he was on fire. All that, plus some very difficult viewer questions, “Hit ‘Em High” lyrics, more NBA/Undertaker talk, Joe Kim, fire trucks, and The Greatest Sports .GIF of All-Time. Enjoy.

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  1. We are now takin’ over your radioooooo

  2. Tyreke Evans did struggle with plantar fasciitis in his sophomore campaign, but it also seems like he put zero work into improving; his jumper never got better and I’m pretty sure there were rumours about him struggling with sharing the spotlight with Cousins. He’s a fantastic benchmark for sophomire drop-offs in my book, as it seems like the total opposite of an ideal sophomore campaign happened, especially considering he had one of the best rookie campaigns ever (the famous 20-5-5).

  3. He didn’t take every shot of his team – the game ended 173-141… I cannot find anything regarding the length of the game, overtimes, quarter length, that sorta stuff. Epic performance whatsoever!

    • With a 28 points margin of victory, I doubt there was any overtime… Or maybe overtimes are longer in asian leagues….

      The guy was shooting 50+% from three, which must not happen that often over htere, so they kept feeding him and he kept shooting it.

      But I couldn’t find any actual data on the lenght of the game either.

  4. mchale, nets??? I had to listen it again, and it is actually mikhail… lol

  5. Thank you to Skeets for calling out LeBron dissenters that don’t give him credit when he does carry the team. And when Tas said “BECAUSE YOU’LL BE DEAD” I laughed out loud. For real.

    For Undertaker, I compare the time he became “The American Badass” to the time that Glen Davis tried to tell people to call him ‘uno uno.’

  6. Did Skeets say “unknown Lesbian man” instead of “unknown Lebanese man”? If so, nice Freudian slip.

  7. Everyone keeps saying that the NJ pick would be number 4. . . . draft position is determined by lottery! Even if they finish with the 4th worst record, they have a better chance of NOT getting the 4th pick (~65%) than getting the 4th pick (~35%)! The probability of getting the 4th pick is just bigger than the probability of any other specific draft spot.

  8. Man, the methodical dumping all over the Nets for the last 7 years or so is pretty crushing. Like, what did we do? Sure, trading Richard Jefferson for Yi and god damn Bobby Simmons was terrible. Sure, trading Vince Carter and RYAN ANDERSON for Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee, and Tony Battie was even worse, but every single media outlet seems delighted – just won a scratch off lottery delighted – when bad news percolates around the Nets.


    Would you rather join Dirk, Roddy Bo, Dominique Jones, Odom OR Marion, Brandan Wright and no cap space?


    Lopez, Marshon, Morrow, Gerald Green, Gerald Wallace, Hump or replacement, Farmar, lots of cap space and new arena?

    I dunno, the Nets aren’t as big a pile of dumpster babies that this episode would have us think. Sure, we have a couple DB’s but only a couple. They’ll be gone soon.

  9. I’d rather join Dirk, Roddy Bo, Dominique Jones, Odom OR Marion, Brandan Wright and no cap space because its a better team, and Gerald Wallace will probably leave Brooklyn as well

    • See what I mean about the bummer-train that is Nets fandom? A team with 2 mid-30′s forwards (granted Dirk), no point guard, no center, and no cap space is still declared better than the Nets. At least we have Johan Petro who, if you weren’t aware, can dance rather capably.

  10. Tas,
    Can you make a song about Mike Woodson trying to shave Anthony Davis’ brow off?

  11. I think Lebron/Wade play better when the other one’s out because they know they have to be the guy that night. Playing together, they both ease up because the people around them can pick up some of the slack. This leaves them more rested than if they were the only superstar on their team and had to grind it out every night. There’s no way they would possibly be better for a whole season without both of them there.

  12. My song to play to would have to be Wu Tang-Triumph.

  13. Seen you guys on The Jump last night! Taking over all my screens one by one.. My Android phone when I’m at the gym, My laptop when I’m at home/work and now my TV every Tuesday night.. #TBJTakeover

    And it sucks that Knicks lost last night especially to those cocky Pacers (the nerve of Granger mimicking Novak’s discount triple check), but I still think they are going to make it to the playoffs over Bucks and will shock some people.. Just feel like the Bucks are going to lose a couple games that they have no business losing.. But we’ll see..

    Would be GREAT to get one over on Tas!

  14. A thought on Deron williams.

    I know everyone says he wants to get to a big time team. but what about him signing with the raptors?IF you look at the raptors situation, you could see its VERY favourable for him. First, the money (max contract) secound, the team has an identity (great defense) they have explosive scoring (Derozen and Bargani ) and 2 (hopefully 3) first round draft picks coming in. The team also has cap space to sign a couple of vets and shooters. It would be a great situation for him. What you all think?

  15. Made shout out to the Australian’s in this Ep!

    We all love TBJ!

    Johnny Farnham & Patty Mills reference! Woooop

  16. 26:20 — I’ve seen that “Beer Store” truck drive by during your show before. Is it possible companies have learned when to drive by for some free advertising?

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