Love You

If you are not familiar with the greatest sports GIF of all-time, I invite you to get familiar with Rollerblading Raptors Mascot, who just took home the prestigious SB Nation Animated Sports GIF Tournament. I am not exaggerating when I say that this could be the funniest thing to ever happen during an NBA game. It is that good. Watch that little tail fall down 500 times and you will agree.

Were that the end of the story, we could all carry on our lives confident in knowing the peak of NBA comedy. That would be fine with me. It’s that good.

However, because the internet is a great place where all your dreams come true, the National Post’s Bruce Arthur did some digging and found out how this amazing clip came to be. From SB Nation’s Jon Bois:

So he wanted to rollerblade down the stairs in the inflatable costume, but the costume needs to be closed to keep the air in. So he strapped the bottom of the legs with duct tape, around the top of the rollerblades, and halfway down the stairs one of them tore loose, because he was kind of bouncing a lot. So the air started to rush out, and then the thing started to deflate, and that’s why the head bounces as much as it does.

And then when he splats, the air is just shooting out his pant leg, and the tail goes first, perfectly. He got up and couldn’t see, because the thing was draped all over him, and he dragged himself off the court. He tried it again another time and nailed it, but he agrees this one was better. He was uninjured.

From the very first “So he wanted to rollerblade down the stairs in the inflatable costume” clause (WHY???), this is great. It puts everything in perspective and finally answers the question of why the Raptor’s head is so chompy. I had previously assumed it’s just because he is a hungry dinosaur, but the deflation really makes sense. Maybe it takes some credit away from the Raptor since he’s not the one who triggered the tail punchline, but it’s still good to know what really happened.

Now all we need to do is figure out what A.J. Price was doing to Tyler Hansbrough and two of our biggest mysteries will be solved.