Ballin: DeMarcus Cousins is so good right now. Mr. Spin Moves went for a career-high 41 points (16-25 shooting) and added 12 rebounds, two assists, two steals and a block. The Kings lost, but that’s kind of the point for them right now, so that’s fine.

Not so much: Every player on the Spurs had a positive plus-minus against the Cavaliers, who had every single one of their players post a negative plus-minus.. In a related story, the Cavaliers lost by 35.

Get your roll on: This is why you flip your wrist when you shoot.

This reminds me of when the Harlem Globetrotters played at my tiny high school right before our Christmas tournament, completely ruining our rims and making it so any shot that hit the rims eventually went in. Pretty much exactly like that.

Mountain climbing: The Raptors beat the Bobcats last night. Not a big story, but it’s the first time in three meetings this season that Toronto was able to solve that riddle. In a season with just seven wins, the Bobcats have winning records against only the Warriors, Raptors and Bucks.

Outlet: Yo Iman homie, show me where that face is.

Some guys like Kevin Love are really good at throwing outlet passes that start fast breaks. Some guys like Tyson Chandler aren’t.

Slump: Somehow, a starting lineup of Chris Duhon, Jason Richardson, Quentin Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu and Glen Davis wasn’t enough to stop the Magic from dropping their fourth straight game, even against the Pistons and with Big Baby putting up 31 on 11-22 shooting. The loss dropped the Magic to fifth in the Eastern Conference.

Handles: Josh McRoberts is the new Pete Maravich.

This is very replicable.

Teamwork: With 4:42 left in the third quarter, Mario Chalmers took a swipe at the ball, inadvertently catching Andre Iguodala in the eye with a finger. Iggy left the game, which led to LeBron scoring 21 points in the game’s final 16 minutes. Nice play, Mario.

Tank city: After a layup to cut the Grizzlies’ lead to four with 33 seconds left, the Warriors and head coach Mark “We Haven’t Been Eliminated From the Playoffs Yet, So I’ll Still Say We Will Make the Playoffs” Jackson (catchy nickname) opted not to foul and extend the game. Pretty tankalicious.

Other things: Steve Nash wants a three-year deal this offseason, and also a time machine if you have one … Andrew Bynum has been fined by the Lakers for “numerous infractions” including but not limited to blowing off huddles, shooting 3-pointers, depantsing Steve Blake, buying the wrong kind of flour, stealing Troy Murphy’s leftover sandwich in the team fridge and smiling too much … David Stern wants to raise the draft age again, possibly up to 1 million … Eric Gordon is coming back tonight … Very happy to be on Mindaugas Watch

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  1. wait, why you link to asap ?

  2. It would be cool if the Clippers signed Eric Gordon this off-season

  3. Doesn’t pantsing someone mean that you are pulling down their pants? I ask only because the image I got from Bynum’s depantsing was him pulling Steve Blake’s pants up. Perhaps Blake was attempting to change in the locker room after the game and Bynum just kept pulling his shorts back up until eventually Blake just gives up and drives home wearing his Lakers uniform.

  4. Hitting a 3 like that and doing the finger gun gesture is one of the most Kobe things I can think of, and only days after going 3/21 with the game winner. Kobe is really Kobeing it up this year

  5. I would give McRoberts all of the monies in the world if he could pull that off again. He has the rest of his career to try.

  6. It’s “perenial All-Star Eric Gordon”… Get it right Kerbs, goddamnit !

  7. That slo-mo of Kobe’s shot had such a Teen-Wolfy feeling to it.

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