On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss one of the best nights in NBA regular season history. (Seriously.) Talking points include: Miami’s sloppy play, Durant’s questionable three, Perkins’ dumb tech, LeBron’s power, Kobe’s shot selection, World Peace’s defense on CP3, Captain Jackson, Heinsohn and Gorman’s favorite Celtic, and the offense running through KG. All that, plus Tas’ “Wanker of the Week” pick, a Hubie-brag, Gregory “Hellboy” Stiemsma, Danny Green’s college career, and those birthday liars, RealGM.com.

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Comments (7)

  1. Danny Green was solid in college, 4th best player on a national championship UNC team behind Tsycho T, Ty Lawson, and Wayne Ellington.

  2. Skeets:
    Caracters birthday is may 4th. 5/4/12. In the states we put month first then days then year. Most other countries do day/month/year

  3. Really guys, no joke about how Matt’s on the “Beano” Udrih diet?

  4. I’m really happy Bynum is developing some ridiculous off court personality. He’s gonna be a big personality and dominant championship force just like Shaq.. I hope.

    • Yeah, but Shaq’s off-court personality was less dependent on parking in handicap spots, so maybe this isn’t the same thing.

  5. I haven’t looked up stats on this, but every time I’ve seen Durant in a big game against a good defender, he turns the ball over a ton. I remember the first round series against LA a couple years ago, Ron Artest had him shooting like 25% and turning the ball over 10 times/game. I think Durant gets off easy sometimes, compared to other more scrutinized players.

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