Even though he only owns 1.47 percent of the Nets, Jay-Z’s ownership of the team gets brought up all the time. Whether it’s when recruiting free agents, how they’re going to supposedly take over Brooklyn or what the team’s new jerseys (pun) are going to look like, it’s all about Jay.

I guess that’s what happens when one of the most famous people in the world owns even the most insignificant portion of a sports team. I mean, you never hear people say “Oh, I bet the Cavs sign Deron Williams because his favorite song is Usher’s ‘You Make Me Wanna’” because no one really cares about Usher until he makes another hot Spring Break song. However, that insignificant portion of the Nets that Jay-Z owns does come in handy for rappers. Whether it’s Jay saying the Nets being terrible is no sweat off his back or mentioning how he’s taking the team to Brooklyn, there’s a bit of a history there.

Similarly, there’s a bit of history between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, who were rumored to be dating in 2010 according to the stack of tattered US Weeklys sitting on my coffee table. You combine those two histories and you get this zinger from West’s newest track, “Theraflu,” as transcribed by Andy Hutchins:

And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim (Hunh?)
‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him (Whuh)
Well, that’s cool, baby girl, do ya thing
Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop ‘im from the team (Whuh)

Classic Kanye overshare, right here. The guy just can’t help telling you every little detail of his life, even if it means admitting that Kim Kardashian basically chose a middle-of-the-road basketball player over him.

And even though Kanye obviously doesn’t understand the management structure of the Nets, it’s a good thing he didn’t tell Jay-Z to cut Kris Humphries last year. As I’m sure you know, Humphries enjoyed his best season ever last year, averaging a double-double while finishing second on the team in PER and getting an excellent Sixth Man of the Year campaign video. I have a feeling that even if he could do it, Jay-Z would be smart enough to know that cutting a great rebounder/garbageman who’s only made $3.2 million on the season wouldn’t be a good move. After all, he’s a business, man. He knows these value when he sees it.

But hey, Kris Humphries is a Kanye West punchline now. Between this and marrying a Kardashian, even if it was only for 12 minutes, I think he’s really made it. Most hated player in the NBA is still an accomplishment.

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  1. Hump is one guy who worked his way though and beyond his talent ceiling. Hater’s gonna hate.

  2. Isn’t Kanye (unintentionally) dissing himself a lot more than he is Kris here?

  3. Kanye is ruining Kanye for me…

  4. Kanye’s diss PER is about a 2.88.

  5. The only thing bigger than Kanye’s ego is Kris Humphries penis

  6. Kanye sounds pretty lame in these lines. You lost Kim to Kris and you were tempted to ask your friend to cut them off the team due to jelousy. What a loser, and his bars never rhyme

  7. He should change his name to Clownye.

  8. What a daring diss there against such a currently popular player… Who’s next to appear on a Kanye track? …Andray Blatche? Bold…

  9. how can Hump be most hated player? B/c he got married/divored to some empty headed bimbo with no talent? That’s a lot of these guys…

    • Regardless of how or why, he was in fact #1 in the Forbes list of most-hated athletes.

    • I don’t get it either. The guy puts in work and averages a double-double. He’s not even a dirty player from what I’ve seen…

      People boo this guy, but Bruce Bowen gets his jersey retired? That’s messed up.

  10. He’s had an interesting personal life, but I can’t cheer against any NBA player who gives 100% effort on the floor every game. Hump is one of those guys. He doesn’t have a ton of talent, he just outworks guys. How can you cheer against a guy like that?

    He’s like the anti-Vince Carter.

  11. Kanye West is a sad little man.

    • eastafrican queen, i got news for you, whats wrong u people hating this much. i wonder who ur dating,
      tell the n*ggr to take care of you, get some

  12. That’s some funny lines by Kane. He’s an entertainer, that’s his job. I don’t think for a minute we should take it as lines from his personal diary, it’s more likely inspired by what tabloids/mags make up about him.

  13. kanyes verse was just humor, do you really think that kanye believes jay has the power to drop kris from the team? I think he sounds like a hater but in the end its just a publicity stunt to get us talking

  14. I dont really understand this at all.

  15. kayne became an ass and as 4 kim hun u made a BIGGGGhugeee mistake !kim down graded ….. i mean 1.) kris is HOT AS HELL! 2.) kris didnt do anything to distroy the marrige KIM DID! 3.) kims only dating kayne 4 da fame cuz she wuz in house arrest..she just wanted to date kayne so people wouldnt forget her…or THINK her in a bad way she just doing this 4 da FAME! kayne is UGLY ASS FUCK! kim hun you need to open yo eyes! what da hell r u doing???? kris was perfect 4 you! you 2 looked so fuckn cute yall were soulmates! ……….kim i really think dat you need to rethink this whole thing! ….. i was your fan buh nuh i dnt think so……

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