Yesterday, Zach Lowe dubbed last night’s slate of games “the craziest night of the season,” thanks to the playoffs, draft and MVP implications that this particular set of matchups had. Little did he or anyone else know, that it would also be the most romantic night of the season. Just look at these guys, getting their hug on despite one of them smashing the other in the face with a Lex Luger forearm.

But it wasn’t just Pau and Blake getting cuddly — it was everyone everywhere. Each of these pictures came from last night, and I think you’ll agree that this serves as definitive proof that there was something special going on.

“Eric, it’s OK. Kobe doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You’re not a midget. You’re not a second-rate Keyon Dooling. You’re not just John Wall’s backup. You’re not a disgrace to Drew’s good name. You’re my friend and I’m honored to be your teammate. Never forget that. He’s just a jerk.”

“Oh man, it’s good to see you, Ray. I’ve been worried about you out here. I haven’t eaten in weeks.”

“So you’re saying you want to grab a bit after this? I’ve got a standing reservation at Huber’s if you want to get a few turkey dinners.”

“…yeah, we’ll see. Might just grab a Clif Bar in the locker room since we’ve got an early flight.”

“Just let me know. Or better yet, if you want to meet up, just find me at the restaurant. I don’t want to lose my table.”

“Come here, Bassy. Come to Poppa Nash. You little rascal, you.”

We all loved “Happy Gilmore” but I kind of think Ian Mahinmi is taking things a bit too far.

“Look at us, doing cross-handed high-fives like best basketball friends do all the time. This is our best friends high-five.”

“Sure, Kobe.”

(laughs) Nic, you gotta lot to learn, buddy. Here’n ‘Merica the chalupa’s one of our finest delicacies. You got the fried shell, the beef, the chee’, lil’ lettuce in thurr and the sauce. It’s great.”

“Eh, Jo-el? Ees not shalloopa eh Meekseekhan foods?”

(laughs) Sure, Nic. Sure it is. (laughs)

Oh come on, Eduardo Najera. Why do you have to go and make things gross? We’re trying to just have a fun post about NBA players cuddling each other on the court and you have to go and fondle Ivan Johnson? Not cool, Ed. Not cool at all. This post is over. Thanks for ruining everything.