Oh man, did you guys see Blake Griffin’s dunks last night? Both of them? So great. So powerful. So Blake Griffin and kind of a little Shawn Kemp. Awesome dunks, obviously. Everyone saw them and everyone loved them.

Except one person, who neither saw nor loved Blake Griffin’s monumental throwdowns. That person is Pau Gasol and he doesn’t even care if he ever sees those stupid plays again. From the AP:

“I really didn’t see the ball when it went in. I was on my (rear),” Gasol said. “It happened too quick. I don’t have a great desire to watch it (again).”

Nothing will turn an otherwise normal dude in to an old curmudgeon faster than getting dunked on while catching a forearm to the face. That sort of thing makes a 31-year-old in to a 74-year-old who doesn’t watch TV and hates the kids these days in the blink of an eye.

Let’s just hope Mike Brown has the good sense to edit out Blake’s dunks during the team’s film session, lest Pau rebuke the entire team for sagging their shorts and not knowing who Dizzy Gillespie is.