Oh man, did you guys see Blake Griffin’s dunks last night? Both of them? So great. So powerful. So Blake Griffin and kind of a little Shawn Kemp. Awesome dunks, obviously. Everyone saw them and everyone loved them.

Except one person, who neither saw nor loved Blake Griffin’s monumental throwdowns. That person is Pau Gasol and he doesn’t even care if he ever sees those stupid plays again. From the AP:

“I really didn’t see the ball when it went in. I was on my (rear),” Gasol said. “It happened too quick. I don’t have a great desire to watch it (again).”

Nothing will turn an otherwise normal dude in to an old curmudgeon faster than getting dunked on while catching a forearm to the face. That sort of thing makes a 31-year-old in to a 74-year-old who doesn’t watch TV and hates the kids these days in the blink of an eye.

Let’s just hope Mike Brown has the good sense to edit out Blake’s dunks during the team’s film session, lest Pau rebuke the entire team for sagging their shorts and not knowing who Dizzy Gillespie is.

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  1. Offensive fouls. Without them, Blake cant sell posters.

    • Seriously? Offensive fouls? ClipperTrophyCabinet is as old as Pau Gasol looked last night. I’m sure you would like to move back to the days where there was a peach basket and the game was free of these showoffs like Blake Griffin.

      • Nah the one with the elbow slamming into pau’s face shoulve been a foul, he was using his off hand, other seems fine to me, im not gonna complain on that…they look sick though

  2. First one with the forearm to the face was a bit much, obviously incredible dunks tho

  3. I’m sure he’ll be seeing it quite a bit. They’ll need to show Pau video of what happens when you don’t box out. The putback was a good example of that.

  4. Blake’s a prick. He did look like Shawn Kemp last night, in the worst ways possible. The “badass” poses, the staring Gasol down, the blatant offensive fouls – dude went from quiet and kind of charming to a complete d-bag in just one night.

  5. I love how Blake can commit 20 offensive fouls on each of his dunks and the refs never call it or the media never point it out cause they are too busy jizzing themselves.

  6. Way to dunk really well and lead your team to a loss.

  7. clippers first 8 or so points were dunks. they missed a bunch of perimeter shots.
    i also agree if it wasn’t blake that second dunk would’ve been offensive for sure, blake can get away with offensive fouls on dunks because he’s dunk champion…..wOOt….

  8. Blake didn’t have a great game, missed way more shots than he made, grabbed some boards but ended up with a +/- of -16

    I’ll take Pau any day thanks.
    He got a nice block on Griffin late in the game and didn’t feel the need to scream and stare the young fella down. Classy.

  9. Skeets is right, that second dunk is an offensive foul in any decently refereed basketball league (which the NBA isn’t, as we all know).

    The first one looked pretty close to an “over-the-back” call, but it’s less obvious than a forearm to the face.

    And yeah, Blake is becoming a prick. I really liked him last year, he didn’t say much, didn’t argue THAT many calls. Didn’t have the “attitude” thing as much. Now he’s really annoying the shit out of me. Too much, too young, too fast.

  10. The leading-with-an-elbow-to-the-mug one should be a foul. I think most people are cool with that.

    The other one I’ve watched over and over since I see a lot of people seem to think it was clean, but I don’t know. You can see Blake contacts Pau’s back before he even has the ball. Just because his junk doesn’t line up precisely with Pau’s spinal column doesn’t mean it’s not a foul… If this took place a few feet further from the hoop and Blake came down with just a rebound instead of dunking it, this contact would clearly be a foul, right?

    Anyway, I thought Pau had position, but in truth I’m fine with the no-call since A.) I could be totally wrong, and B.) basketball is supposed to be physical. Just not elbow-to-the-face physical…

  11. Gasol needs to watch em to toughen up. The forearm shiver dunk is sad, because Pau is such a nice person. Lol. The other one is simply due to not boxing out.

  12. I think people need to stop nagging the refs to call the “elbow to the face” dunk an offensive foul. Sure, it’s obvious it’s a foul when it’s played on SportsCenter in super-slow-motion, but during the game that dunk happened so quickly that it’d be nearly impossible to spot that. The refs don’t get to see the game like we do, and I think people forget about that far too often.

  13. So Blake’s a prick because of a few stare downs? And because of complaining about not getting calls? So I guess that means every player is a prick because that sums up the majority of players in the league.

  14. Blake Griffin is such an incredible player.

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