Ballin: LeBron James had 34 points, seven rebounds and 10 assists because he never shows up for big games against top opponents.

Not so much: If there’s one thing the Philadelphia 76ers don’t want to do this playoffs, it’s play the Miami Heat in the first round. So naturally, they lost a game to the Raptors by 21 points on the same night the Hawks handled business against the Bobcats. Smooth.

Again?: Kobe Bryant says, “No, you’re not clutch.”

Nice shot, bro.

The highest compliment: Gregg Popovich on Celtics guard Avery Bradley: “He’s a pain in the ass.”

Oh no: Lamar Odom, a career 70 percent free throw shooter, airballed a free throw last night. That should help his confidence in a totally wasted season.

Duh: Of course Charles Jenkins made what turned out to be the game-winning basket in last night’s Warriors-Timberwolves game.

You were expecting someone else? Like who? Don’t be silly.

Whoops: As far as inbounds plays go, throwing the ball directly to the other team when you’re down by two and there are two seconds remaining is a pretty bad decision.

Welcome back: That being said, good to see you again, Eric Gordon.

The Hornets have won 67 percent of their games when Eric Gordon has played (2-1), plus he’s their leading per game scorer, so there’s your MVP.

Weird sequence: For about one second, Steve Nash turned in to the NBA’s worst player, getting ripped by Paul Millsap and then immediately getting called for a clear path foul. Of course, he followed that up by hitting a clutch jumper and then an impossible game-winner, so all is forgiven.

Other things: Nikola Pekovic trying to catch Charles Jenkins is good for a laugh … Nice dunk, Paul Millsap … Every NBA player in the league liked Blake Griffin’s dunks … It’s been a while since we’ve had a weird Chris Bosh tongue thing, so I’m glad to see it’s still around … Literally no one can believe Brian Cook went coast-to-coast last night and since I haven’t seen video I’m kind of thinking it’s a hoax