“In your back, Pau Gasol.” — Blake Griffin

“In your face literally, Pau Gasol.” — Blake Griffin

Great dunks, obviously, but the best part of these two slammajammas is Andrew Bynum’s face after Pau got destroyed.

Love You

Pretty much how we all feel, I’d say.

(videos via Get Banged On/Jose3030)

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  1. maybe i´m old fashioned, but the second dunk includes a blatant elbow from griffin

  2. I don’t want to be the party pooper here (I will anyway), but Blake clearly elbowed Pau in the head before he yammed on him. Then stands over him, which should’ve earned him a technical foul.

    I’m starting to hate the Clippers now. They flop all the time, their games take 3 hours because all of the fouls they take and dish out, their coach is awful, and for a team with such dynamic talent they have such a stagnant offense.

  3. Agreed. I was going to point out the elbow as well.

  4. Concur with all above. The first dunk was legit, but you can’t just forearm-shiver somebody to the face on your way to the basket.

  5. you can arm shiver them if they jump at you, at the last second from inside the circle. plus, technically all fouls against the lakers are legal since they each of them are awful people (except sessions, cause he’s on my fantasy team) ☺☺☺

  6. lmao that’s second dunk is just dirty! people need to stop crying about the elbow and the taunting afterwards. that’s what makes ball exciting. the best dunks are the ones that involve some contact.

  7. The best dunks are the ones that involve arguable offensive fouls? Yeah right dude.

  8. where these two videos supposed to impress me? Blake looks like he may have gone over the back on gasol (probably not but close) & just flagrently hits gasol in the face. you can’t use that off arm to stiff arm people. This isn’t (american) football. Blake= overrated #fakegriffin

  9. Obvious offensive foul if you ask me…

  10. Yeah, BOTH of those plays seem like pretty obvious fouls on Blake, especially the second one. I think Blake is as amazing a dunker as the next guy, but I’m not impressed when he blatantly breaks the rules of the sport to pull them off…

  11. Two points is two points.

  12. FOUL! No wonders he goes to the rim so easily then…

    But yeah, still two huge dunks! Some of the best of the season to me.

  13. Nice dunks! Terrible foul on the second one. Not impressed. They still lost, and Gasol blocked griffins basket to try and tie the game down the stretch. Had Kobe had hit shot blocked in a clutch situation that led to a loss, and had a terrible shooting percentage ala Griffin, Trey would’ve probably brought it up. Alas, oh well, it’s allllll good! Griffin’s a monster when dunking!

  14. Both were totally offensive fouls.

  15. anytime you elbow someone in the head it should probably be an offensive foul. still looked cool though

  16. Call ME old fashioned, but I like dunks

  17. Griffin gets hard fouled on the regular, after a while a person gets tired of it. He knows he is sorta high and a little vulnerable. Its not like he detonated a dude taking a charge. Just makin sure he doesnt get the worst of it. If you dont want to get poked on maybe you should make your rotation of give em the Korver defenCe.

  18. They were both impressive feats of dunkery, savage assaults on Pau, AND fouls. It’s possible to appreciate the nastiness of the feat yet still think they should’ve drawn whistles.

    • the 1st one is more questionable, but the 2nd is just and easy call. Brutal miss by refs, Blake always gets overloved. He gets more calls than mike jones & 867-5309 combined.

  19. I can’t wait to use that Bynum gif out of context constantly.

  20. I think Blake & CP3 are overloved. time to change to the Los Angles Overloved.

  21. I thought these were both fouls, or at least questionable no-calls, but any time a guy gets sprawled out on the floor like that by some guy dunking over him, I still instinctively adopt the Bynum face. Nasty.

    Kind of like the Wade dunk on Varejao a year or two ago. It wasn’t a strong or powerful dunk on its own, but seeing Andy’s feet up in the air as he slid on his shoulderblades made it way more epic.

  22. Blake catches the ball outside the paint (unless I’m wrong and he needs to establish both feet outside the lower block to get that). Pau’s in the restricted zone and jumps into Blake. Refs are really strict on defenders “jumping straight up.” That’s definitely a foul on Pau. Blake’s arm might be a foul. I guess the ref considered that unintentional. He does clear out with that arm often, but it’s really no different than how Carmelo, CP3, or a few other guys are reffed with their off-arm. So, in that it’s at least consistent. I can see how someone thinks that’s an offensive foul, but there’s definitely a defensive foul there.

    The putback dunk is awesome and perfectly fine.

    • You’re kidding, right? Being the restricted zone doesn’t mean anything if a guy forearm shivers your face. It’s a blatant offensive foul, not “might be a foul”. You can’t clear out a guy with your forearm and then use his shoulder as leverage. That’s actually TWO offensive fouls on that one play.

      It’s completely different from a clear out on the perimeter because I don’t remember seeing the likes of Melo or CP3 stiff-arming guys in the face to keep them away. That would be the equivalent of what Griffin did on that 2nd dunk.

      It’s not a defensive foul, I don’t know how you would even think that. I hope you’re just trolling.

      • Pau does not jump straight up. I don’t know how the fouls should work in this case if a person believes that Griffin’s contact with Pau’s face was intentional, but Pau definitely jumps into Griffin.

        Is it because of the face contact? It’s special because it’s in Pau’s face? Because Blake gets hammered all the time in the face for no-calls, as see as recently as the game in New Orleans, and I just assume that the ref has some reason for the no-call.

        • Jumping straight up doesn’t matter, you can’t forearm a guy in the face. If a guy goes up for a contest and another player ends up elbowing them in the face, that’s a clear offensive foul no matter what. This forearm should have been treated the same. Pau Gasol might have fouled him, but a forearm to the face has precedence over slight body contact while in midair. It’s really not debatable, you simply can’t push off on a guy’s face with the off-arm then use his shoulder as leverage while in the air. It’s definitely intentional, it’s a clear-out by Griffin to allow himself more room to gather himself up for the finish.

          Not special because it’s Pau Gasol, but because it’s a forearm to the face. I don’t get why it’s hard to understand. I don’t remember seeing Blake Griffin ever getting a forearm to the face when going up for a contest in the paint (mostly because he’s not much for contesting shots), so your point really makes no sense. A defender going up for a contest and getting contact with an offensive player is entirely different from a forearm to the face used only to create more space. It’s not unintentional, Blake has done this on numerous occasions.

          The referees completely blew it on this one, no surprise really. It’s Blake Griffin, he’ll get the benefit of the call if it means another highlight for ESPN anchors to rave about for the next week.

          • you can’t jump into a guy who has already started his jump. that’s what they teach big man shot blockers and how block/charges at the rim are pretty consistently evaluated in just about every american basketball league. That was the first foul in the play and the one that brought the whistle.

            while guys certainly can’t fly at the rim elbow first, there are absolutly situations where a ballhandler is allowed to use his arm to protect the ball. If JJ Berea had his 4arm out againt Bynum last year, would that have been a foul on JJ? Sure Drew would still get whistled for the push, but it’s a similar play in that JJ jumped, then Drew went into him. These are obvious extremes of a similar play, but they both involve a defender jumping into a ballhandler after he started his move to the rim. The defender gives up his right to take a charge or get a player control once he decides to jump into the slasher, reguardless if he gets a 4arm in the shoulder, rib or face.

  23. when pau was sonning CP3 during their first matchup by patting him on the head at the end. don’t think the clippers forgot about any of that. blake could give a rats ass about a technical or flagrant. posterizing pau in front of millions x 2 and feeding him the mush was all worth it, imo.

  24. Do Laker fans have to complain about everything? Pau got destroyed plain and simple. Stop complaining the second dunk is clean Pau maybe you know shouldn’t have gone right into Blake’s arm? This is like the harmless joke on the JJ Barea billboard last year directed at Kobe once again Laker fans just over react to everything.

  25. I feel really bad for Gasol.

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