Ballin: 28 points, 10 assists, four rebounds, two steals and a minuscule-for-him three turnovers for John Wall. Sure, the Wizards lost, but it’s like he’s a real player again.

Not so much: Dwight Howard put up just his second double-single of the year last night, posting just eight points and eight rebounds in a loss to the Knicks. With the loss, the Magic drop to 0-1 in games immediately following their franchise cornerstone being publicly called out by their coach because the player asked to have the coach fired. Additionally, Dwight Howard has as many single-digit rebound games this season (10) as he did the entirety of last season, just in case you really think he’s committed to the Magic.

Deep: John Lucas for the third three.

This is a very far shot, like Jimmer Fredette in college but this one is actually far. Play-by-play data says it’s 26 feet, but I think it has to be further.

Overheard: Bill Walton during last night’s Kings-Clippers game: “I looooove pizza.” Me too, Bill.

Shaky: This is why Carmelo Anthony doesn’t play defense.

I’d be OK with hiring these two guys to handle all NBA commentary from now on. I have to imagine they’re available.

Nope: Sorry buddy, but Jeremy Lin definitely doesn’t play for the Magic.

Thicky thick: How do you guys feel about LeBron James’ new double-wide, hairline-concealing headband?

Just a guess, but I have to imagine LeBron found this in Mike Bibby’s old locker.

Programming note: Posting will be slow today because of the holiday weekend. A new episode of The Overdose is coming soon though.

Other things: Even though his ankle is shattered, Carmelo Anthony still made an incredible shot … Courtney Fortson and Josh Selby are heading to the D-League, if you care (you don’t) … Word on the street is that the Knicks are pursuing John Calipari, supposedly because they aren’t dysfunctional enough … The Rockets are bringing back Earl Boykins because they have figured out the statistical importance of jokes … Derrick Rose says he’s back Sunday against the Knicks FINALLY

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  1. does anyone know where a video of Joakim Noah baiting Garnett into pushing him…I only got the radio and I wanted to see the moment when the Bulls beat the celtics. After that it was all academic. Celtics never recovered after that…

  2. i love bill walton. somebody should make a podcast of all bill walton’s broadcasting work. i’d listen.

    • I loved it when someone would make a garden variety missed shot–not a lay up, not a heavily contested heave, just your everyday brick–and Walton would exclaim, “A TERRIBLE shot!”

  3. 26 feet, seriously NBA? Hell, the 3-point line is 23’9″, isn’t it? And he was at least 4-5 feet behind, so it’s 28 minimum, and more likely 29 feet from the basket. It’s still 3 points, but get your eyes checked, NBA statisticians.

  4. Injured Star-Player comes back for the game against the knicks? Now thats something new!

  5. I love the 0-1 Magic comment. It’s this in-depth statistical analysis that keeps me coming back. Keep it up Trey, for America.

    on a related, American note, I also enjoyed the jab at last year’s Jimmer-mania

  6. That’s James Harden territory.

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