I don’t know why you have to compare and choose betwixt these two bizarre pictures of NBA players hanging out in their civvies, but you do. It just feels right. When two pictures of NBA players just chillin’ in their intimates hit the internet in the same week, it’s only natural to decide which one is more bizarre.

The natural inclination here is to immediately choose Kris Humphries as the weirder picture. It’s part of an artsy magazine spread, there’s an M-16 lying on the ground for no reason, his face is painted like Aladdin Sane, he’s spread eagle wearing just briefs and boots — the reasons for choosing this photo are obvious. If you pick this one as the weirder one, that makes a lot of sense.

But please consider this Dwyane Wade and LeBron James photo as well. It’s not as strikingly odd, but then you realize they’re being best buddies hanging out in some sort of therapeutic pool in just their spandex while playing with their phones. Do you realize how risky that is? I’m not necessarily worried they’re going to be electrocuted, but who knows if they’ve backed up their devices recently. They’re this close to losing two of the most valuable address books in the world. Be careful, guys.

So let’s hear it in the comments — which photo is weirder? I have a feeling I know which way the vote is going to go but it’ll still be interesting to see the results.