Ballin: Carmelo Anthony, duh. That jerk hit two buzzer-beaters, scored 43 points, grabbed seven rebounds and even found time to hand out three assists when he wasn’t busy shooting 31 times. Hate him so much right now.

Not so much: After dropping to seventh in the Eastern Conference, the 76ers could have used a win against the Celtics to stop their three-game losing streak. Instead, they scored 79 points, tied their sixth-highest turnover game of the season and gave up the fifth-most points they have all year. Real clutch performance.

We fly high: It’s good to have Gerald Green back in the league.

Jumping high is cool.

Taco longy style: James Jones hadn’t made multiple 3-pointers in a game since March 14. He hit six yesterday, tying his career-high.

Face: Tiago Splitter, meet Derrick Favors.

Not sure if these guys are going to be friends from here on out, but it is nice that they’ve finally met.

Disparity: It took DeMar DeRozan 22 shots to score 16 points in yesterday’s game against the Thunder. In the same game, it took Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant a combined 26 shots to score 38 points.

Throwback laughs: This is from the weekend, but you must see it.

Even JaVale McGee is like, “Come on, man.”

Through the quad: There have been two double-digit winning streaks this season, both of which have reached 11 games and both of which belong to the San Antonio Spurs. Ironic considering they’re the team who least cares about winning streak.

Other things: Kyle Lowry is back, so hi to him … Here is someone who is a little too good at Draw Something and liking Michael Jordan … Jeremy Lin doubts he’ll be back in time for the first round of the playoffs which means his season is over … Adam Morrison was released by Besiktas, but unfortunately it’s too late for him to be added to a playoff roster … Antoine Walker has retired from basketball, leaving us shimmy-free for the first time since 1996