Miss a bunch then hit the last one to look cool? This guy must be a huge Kobe Bryant fan.

(via Politico)

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  1. Was that Etan Thomas at the end?

  2. “President Obama is a phenomenal player of basketball for a President of the United States . . . but I think he’s just mediocre for a black guy.” – Norm Mcdonald

  3. 1/5… that’s .200, not as bad as they make it seem

  4. You could build a white house with all those bricks

  5. Whats sad is this is probably the best Bball preformance by a president ever. Who else would have drianed one in as many shots? Lincoln? He was tall but probably not a good shot…any ideas?

  6. Little do people know, he purposefully missed those shots just so he wouldn’t have to hear people complain “he should be working on the economy not on his three point shot! derp”

  7. weird form, inconsistent follow through, shoots from the middle of his chest underneath his chin, so it’s pretty easy to defend. however, I gotta cut him slack, shooting cold in dress shoes and a button down with all eyes on him.

  8. A leftie that’s a leftie. Loved the Kobe remark.

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