On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Grizzlies big win over the Clippers, whether Coach Hollins will continue to bring Zach Randolph off the bench, Pop’s decision to sit his “Big Three,” Devin Harris’ monster fourth quarter, and how the Magic are inexplicably keeping it all together. All that, plus Serge Ibaka’s Defensive Player of the Year chances, an incredible interview with Knicks legend “Clyde” Frazier, and in Crossfire, the TBJ “Anti-Awards” (Least Valuable Player, Worst Sportsman, Dumbest Move of the Season).

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  1. Forgot to say this on the show, but make sure to leave your “Anti-Award” “winners” below …

  2. Please send Leigh to interview Mike Bibby. Instant TBJ Classic.

  3. Tas is right! Trading Andre Miller was a mistake for the Blazers. However I also believe that being disrespected keeps that chip on Andre’s shoulder that gives him an edge over the competition… Also remember that play where he laid out Blake Griffin? Nobody’s more bad ass than Dre. That dude leads a team like no other, and the Blazers have shown lack of leadership all year.

  4. Woo I loved the anti awards last year when you did them, looking forward to them again this year. Now to watch the show and leave my anti award winners after.

    Also would Stephan Jackson have been up their for Least Valuable Player again if he was still with the Bucks like last year with the Bobcats?

  5. No mention that of Faried’s 6 missed shots, 5 were blocked shots? Pretty strange, that.

  6. Stephen Jackson wins for LVP. The Bucks brought him in for veteran leadership and, tragically, he did just that. He built up a healthy relationship with Brandon Jennings and then immediately turned him against management to the point where Brandon, who had never said a bad word about the team, looked to be gone at the end of his contract. Not only did he try killing the Buck’s season with his poor play, he also tried sabotaging their future. Stephen Jackson : Hope Killer

  7. I know Faried got the whoa-boy but more needs to be said about this guy. He’s been the most entertaining player I’ve seen this year. Every game there are a handful of plays where he displays atheltecism that is just downright absurd. It reminds me a lot of watching Blake Griffin last year where they both look like big puppies playing with smaller adult dogs. They’re out there bouncing around full of energy and don’t know their own strength and occasionally trample the older dogs.

  8. Totally agree with Tas on Blake Griffin – I hit my tipping point last week when they were playing the Lakers. I finally was like “I can’t do it – I absolutely cannot watch this guy anymore.” He complains after every play – his game is largely uninteresting – if it weren’t for Chris Paul I’d steer clear of the Clips from this point on.

    • Yup, I completely agree. I pretty much started to feel this way right around the time Chauncey got injured. Now I can’t stand the Clipps.

      It’s sad because I was so excited after watching my first ever Griffin game last season. Now I loathe him. Disappointing.

  9. Worst transaction has to be the Nets’ trade for Gerald Wallace.

    Giving up a high lottery pick to slightly improve this year (pointless), and..? No one in their right mind would think it could make Deron want to stay. And their justification for dealing the pick.. insanely dumb.

  10. Not firing Stan Van was the worst move of the year – nothing against the guy, but treat the guy right.

  11. Agree totally about Andre Miller..go to any Blazer comment sight this season on the net and fans were not happy to lose him. Last season we led the league in alley oop pts..Dre was why! I think Bynum and Cousins would get the worst sportsmanship awards. Worst move of the year…thinking Greg Oden and Brandon Roy would be in the lineup…cost Nate his job.

  12. More Leigh Ellis! Love him in the overdose, he need more screen time. Figure it out fellas, Leigh is a star.

    • Unfortunately I completely disagree with you. Can’t stand the accent and his puns (pre-planned or otherwise) are bad. Do love the ‘girls’ greeting.

      More Trey on-screen.

  13. Regarding Pop resting his players, it certainly helps to have the job security that he has. I know not all coaches are deserving of carte blanche the way Pop is. But, who knows, maybe some other coaches could develop into the kind of respected leader that Pop is if the teams would just stand by them and not allow players to subvert them like D. Howard did to Stan.

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