On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Celtics’ pick-and-pop, Rondo and KG’s jumper, the Heat’s everything-will-be-all-right attitude, Boston runs, Erik Spoelstra’s lineups, iso ‘Melo, Rip Hamilton’s third quarter, Tas’ carbohydrates, high school mascots, and a fierce Diet Pepsi vs. Diet Coke debate. All that, plus two great mail questions regarding the NBA’s “Poster Boy” and hypothetically trading coaches.

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Comments (25)

  1. Flip-flop city! Flip-flop city ittttchhhh!

  2. The Celtics look great, and I think a lot of people forgot that Rondo was injured in their playoff series last year, and considering that he ran their entire offense and their main problem was scoring down the stretch, that had something to do with it

  3. When Rondo’s healthy they can give Miami a run. Also, I think some of Bosh’s problems stem from the fact that Spoelstra doesn’t run any sets for him. I don’t feel bad for him, he signed up to be third fiddle, but people forget that this guy was putting up 25 and 10 as a Raptor. I still think that he woulda been a better fit for the Bulls and Boozer woulda been better for Miami.

  4. Coach swap?

    I’d trade Magic’s SVG for a package deal of Mark Jackson and Mike Malone from GS

    Dwight said that Malone was one of the coaches he wanted, and MJ is basically just a throw-in to make the salaries work. SVG to the Warriors works much like Tas’ argument for him to the Clips. He could give these wings great careers (lots of knock-down 3 point shooters on the team) as well as could help Bogut dominate when he’s back next season.

  5. what the Hell is Pizza bar ? haha

  6. Y’all are killing Bosh’s defense even though he was defending K.G. well, if you actually watched the game. He was just hitting crazy shots right over the top of him, because he’s Kevin Garnett. He’s one of the greatest power forwards ever.

    • No. KG was hitting wide open jumpers. He also hit a couple of tough turnarounds but Bosh and the Heat’s defense on the pick and pop was turrible.

  7. Trey, I actually went to Sandwich. So this means I can no longer like you.

    …I’ll let it slide though, I love TBJ too much.

    • Oh, man. That’s too bad. Really sorry about that, but we can let it slide. I guess.

      Go Reapers.

      • Hey guys, I heard they were going to build a town in between Plano and Sandwich. I heard they were going to name it Bologna. So it would be Plano, Bologna, Sandwich. #pungun

  8. All diet sodas are terrible. But real Coke > real Pepsi. Diet sodas are for girls. And maybe people on the Tas Melas diet.

  9. Coke Zero for the win

  10. Pepsi Max. That is all.

  11. Diet Pepsi > Diet Coke
    Sprite Zero > Diet 7Up

    Diet Mountain Dew Citrus Charge – best of the diet drinks.

    http://www.sodastream.ca/ if you want to get away from buying pop at all.

  12. You guys realise that this whole Zero and Max stuff is just diet marketed to men, don’t you ?

    I don’t like diet sodas.. I don’t like the taste of the fake sugar…

    • Lies! I drank Diet Coke for a long time before Coke Zero and Coke Zero tastes much better and closer to the Original Coke flavor. Pepsi Max isn’t half bad either.

  13. Guys, when can we expect the next Gethard post?

  14. There was one jumper in the fourth (maybe the first of that series of 4) that KG hit over his outstretched arm, but no question there were also a lot of open ones.

    It’s interesting – the Celtics matchup way better with Miami than Chicago because Miami is undersized on that front line. OBVIOUSLY if Rose is out or limited, I’d rather see the Cs keep the 4 and play Chicago first. But, if Rose is ready to go, I’d rather see them play Miami first. I think they have a better shot there.

    Also – please keep in mind that regardless of how well the Celtics play, it’s still unlikely they’d beat Miami or Chicago with a healthy Rose. Even I’ll admit that. But, no question this Miami matchup doesn’t look so bad.

    I noticed Joel Anthony didn’t play last night – has that been the case for a while? I was wondering when they were going to realize he was useless and at the very least should be limited to the role of energy guy off the bench.

    • In the few Miami games I’ve watched recently, Joel has barely played. I can specifically remember watching Heat-Grizz and thinking to myself how flat the Heat looked – no energy, no hustle, no hands on loose balls. Joel game into the game and was great in the time he had.

      I think he really fits as the energy off the bench guy, maybe even finishing games – but can’t see that happening as Heat like to play small down the stretch.

  15. yes, my mail answered on TBJ; my basketball life is complete lol.

  16. FYI if you’re serious about health and nutrition then you would know that diet anything is bad for you. Your diet guru sounds like a douche.

  17. Diet soda is like Chris Bosh.

    We left real soda and started drinking the fake stuff, so we can eat more food.

    Bosh left the Raps and became a fake tough guy, so he can get boo’d.

  18. 28:50 There went that Beer Store truck by your window again. I am pretty sure they figured out a way to get some free advertising. LOL

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